September 12, 2019

Easy Grammar: Plus~ The Grammar Curriculum I Didn't Know I Was Looking For {Curriculum Review}

Grammar. We put a high priority on grammar instruction in our studies and I have used several different programs to teach it. We recently decided to leave one of our curriculum we've used for the last several years and I've been exploring other options--and getting rather overwhelmed. Fortunately, we were picked to review Easy Grammar: Plus from Easy Grammar Systems with my oldest son from a program that wasn't even on our radar! Getting to have it and actually use it helps so much in making a decision--so will we use Easy Grammar: Plus this school year? Join me in my review of this open-and-go grammar program geared for middle school students.

About the Product

Easy Grammar Systems provides award-winning grammar curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students

September 11, 2019

Back-To-Homeschool with 8th and 4th Grade

Even though we have done review products a couple days a week during the summer, we OFFICIALLY jumped back into our full routine this week! It was BACK-TO-HOMESCHOOL and I can't believe that it is my NINTH year homeschooling! I never in a million years envisioned this for my family, but I can't imagine anything different now! 

September 5, 2019

200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade by Reading Eggs {Product Review}

Last September, we were able to review the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade from Reading Eggs. My son's skills have boosted significantly over the last year, and when we had the chance to review the workbooks again, we chose to go up to the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade to match the work that he's been doing on the online Reading Eggs program. The program provides short lessons to review and provide mastery of the common skills of reading. Today I'd like to share with you my review and why this program will be a part of our 2019-2020 curriculum for my nine-year-old. You also will be able to snag free 4 weeks of the online program for your family!

About the Product

200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade is based on the multi-award winning reading program