April 25, 2018

5 Lessons I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful~Lesson 3: Don't Rush the Readiness {5 Days of Homeschool Blog Hop}

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Welcome back to Day 3 of the 5 Days of…Homeschool Blog hop! This week I’m focusing on 5 Lessons I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful. So far I have shared my thoughts on the trap of Public School ideas in the homeschool classroom, and how I believe Kindergarten needs to be focused on Exploration and Play more than reading and writing. Today I am going to touch on something that blends both of these sort of together. The idea of Readiness. Readiness for Reading. Readiness for Math. Readiness for school in general. So let’s get started with this week’s lesson #3...

April 24, 2018

5 Lesson I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful~Lesson 2: Kindergarten Is About Exploration {5 Days of...Homeschool Blog Hop}

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Today's topic ties into yesterday's topic of "Keep the Public School Out" of your homeschool. I spoke about how we must not get caught in the trap of trying to replicate public school in our own classroom. And one of the HARDEST times to remember this--is during the Preschool/Kindergarten years! Today I want to share some lessons I have learned, and a few mistakes I made relating to homeschooling preschool and Kindergarten. I will also be sharing some mistakes that other homeschool moms said THEY made during these years as well...and some success stories too! So what is my second lesson to help make homeschooling less stressful? It's simple...

April 23, 2018

A+ Interactive Math: A Program that Identifies and Closes Learning Gaps in Math {Product Review}

A+ Interactive Math~ A Review
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Math is one of the only subjects where I wouldn't mind if the boys had assessments every year for homeschool. Why? Because it would be nice to know how each year how they are doing in their respective grade level work based on a third party review. When I first learned about A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) and their Adaptive Math Curriculum Online and Individualized Lesson Plan program, I was very interested and eagerly asked to review this product. I used it with my oldest son at the time at the end of his third grade year--and it was very revealing to how he was doing in math based on a standard third grade math assessment. Now here we are again with a chance to review the same product--THIS time I am using it with my younger math loving child. We've been using three different math curriculum because he just loves math--but I'm always afraid that he's got a hole somewhere that I don't know about. Thus, having HIM work through the 2nd grade math assessment was just what I needed as we wrap up our 2017-2018 year! Would the test find any holes? This is what I hoped our review of this product would find--and I was curious to see if any of my cons from the previous review had been addressed.

5 Lessons I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful~Lesson 1: Keep Public School Out! {5 Days of...Homeschool Blog Hop}

5 Lessons Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful: Day 1
Homeschooling is stressful. There isn't a single homeschool parent who would say otherwise. But over the course of my soon to be eight years of homeschooling, I have learned that a LOT of the stress is of our own doing. There are tips and tricks we can use to decrease the amount of stress we deal with--making homeschooling a much more profitable and enjoyable experience. Over the course of this week, I will be touching on five lessons that I myself have had to learn over the course of my homeschooling experience thus far. A few of these are things I wish I had done differently from the beginning, and some are things I recently learned and am enacting in our classroom from here on out. My hope is that you will be able to take even just ONE of these lessons and apply it to your own experience--thus saving you from having to make the same mistakes I have. So let's get started! The first and possibly the MOST IMPORTANT lesson I can share with you is this...

April 22, 2018

Introducing the April 2018 5 Days of...Homeschool Blog Hop!

Coming Soon ... 2018 Annual Spring Blog HopIt's the time of year when my fellow review crew members and I spend a week on different topics relating in someway to the theme of Homeschool! You will find posts of all different shapes and sizes--some will have free printables, others will offer advice, and some will just talk about their experiences with homeschool. If you are a homeschooling family, I hope you will join us on this adventure this week!
So, I'm sure you may be wondering what you will be finding here on my blog...and I thought about it and wondered what I could do that I hadn't done yet. And I decided that I would spend this week talking about some lessons that I have learned over the last seven years to make homeschooling less stressful. Over the next few days I will share some things I wish I had learned earlier to make homeschooling easier for me and for my kids, as well as things we are doing now to decrease the amount of stress we have in our daily school life this upcoming year. Some times I will include things fellow homeschoolers wish they had changed--or are currently doing too.
Once I have nailed down my final decisions for my daily topics, I will list them here so you can reference them all!

Day 1: Lesson #1~Keep the Public School Out!
How many times do we find ourselves comparing our children to their public school counterparts?

Day 2: Lesson #2~ Kindergarten is About Exploration (not reading and math)
One of the #1 questions asked by new homeschool moms is "what curriculum should I do for my kindergarten/preschooler?" I suggest rethinking curriculum for this grade level and instead focus on what kids do best at this age---explore!

Day 3: Lesson #3~Don't Rush Readiness!
One of the biggest frustrations that homeschool parents have during the early years is related to their child grasping reading, writing, and math concepts. Oh how we see the posts of despair that their child isn't getting it. That they both are getting frustrated. Maybe their is something wrong? I have another suggestion...and one that research has backed up--yet isn't being acknowledged in the school system. 

Day 4: Lesson #4~Don't Be Afraid to Give Up...Curriculum that is...
As homeschoolers, we invest in our child's education. We research and plan. We purchase products and curricula that we are sure will be JUST what they need. But what if it isn't? What then?

Day 5: Lesson #5 and Wrap-Up~ Streamline Your Subjects For Multiple Students
Here is a lessons that has FINALLY sunk in for me in regards to our family. We do best when I can teach both boys the same curriculum at the same time. But how is it possible to do that with a 7th grader and a 3rd grader? Come see some ideas for making it happen and the changes I've made to our curriculum for next year to facilitate this!

April 17, 2018

Exploring the Human Anatomy and Physiology with Apologia {Curriculum Review}

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology from Apologia ~review
Our #1 hands down favorite science curriculum to use in our homeschool is anything from Apologia. They are a best selling publishing company for a reason! Every single science curriculum we have done has been exceptional--and this last year, I even ordered one to do for the 2017-2018 school year--Chemistry and Physics. For the last several weeks however, we have been reviewing a different area of science Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, yet another in the amazing line up from Apologia!

About the Product

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is a curriculum from Apologia designed to introduce students to the human body and how it works. Not only will they go through and in depth study of the different body systems, but will also learn how the body WORKS and uses those

April 12, 2018

The Green Ember Book Series GIVEAWAY!

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Woot! Woot! Tomorrow is the big annual Cinncinnati Homeschool Convention and I am THRILLED to go. I get so excited for homeschooling just being surrounded by all the fellow "tribe" members and seeing all the amazing products and vendors! One of the coolest things from last year's convention was getting to meet S.D. Smith--author of the fabulous series The Green Ember! While I was there, I snagged all three of the books in the series--and then kept buying more and more as friends sent me messages to snag THEM copies. By the time I was done, I think I had purchased 8 copies of the full series of the books! LOL. S.D. Smith was naturally thrilled AND he autographed every single copy! Before I left for the day, he surprised me by giving me a COMPLIMENTARY SET of Books 1-3 in the series AND a Green Ember "Heather's Necklace" to GIVEAWAY to my blog readers! Well guess what? It's time!

April 11, 2018

Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures (a review)

Princess Cut~ A Movie Review
A Carolina farm girl with the dream of finding her happily ever after, but wondering if she will ever find Mr. Right and get the princess cut diamond ring she's always longed for. This is the theme and heart of the movie Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures. So, what did I think about the movie? Join me as I share my review.

About Princess Cut

Princess Cut is set in a small farm town of East Bend, tucked into the heart of the Carolina area. Grace Anderson is a small town girl with big dreams. As she's finishing her degree in interior design, she's also hoping and praying for the desire of her heart--a princess cut diamond engagement ring from her boyfriend Stewart, who she has been dating for 15 months. The story opens with her excitement and surety that tonight is going to be the night he proposes. When things don't exactly go the

April 10, 2018

Music Appreciation 1 by Memoria Press {Curriculum Review}

Music Appreciation 1 (Memoria Press)~ A Review
One of the subjects I was adamant that we would add to our studies this year was Music Appreciation. I am sorry to say that though I started strong using a course I designed for myself, I petered out. Needless to say, when I had the chance to review the Music Appreciation I set from Memoria Press, I jumped on the chance. I hoped that it would not only be a mix of music history and listening skills, but also enjoyable for my boys.

About Music Appreciation from Memoria Press

Memoria Press has long been known for their award winning classical style curriculum and other products. Not only do they carry a full line of complete grade level curriculum, but they also carry an extensive collection of electives including foreign languages and music. One of the music courses is their Music Appreciation 1 set.

April 1, 2018

Upcoming Reviews for April/May 2018: What Are We Working On?

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It's time for another check in on what we've got in house for review products. Since my last check in, I've added our reviews for Magic Stix, A la Carte Projects File Folder Games, and Super Beads--did you check them out yet? We have some curriculum, a movie, some digital books, and more! Let's see what items we are checking out right now--maybe one of them is something you've been looking at!


An all inclusive open and go program for studying Music Appreciation is the name of the game with this product. As a musically minded person, I have really wanted to incorporate music appreciation in our schooling--in fact we DID earlier this year but I sort of petered out because I had to create it all myself. Needless to say I jumped at a chance to review a Music Appreciation curriculum. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on it when the review goes LIVE the week of April 10, 2018.

March 29, 2018

May You have a Blessed Passover

I just wanted to wish your family and most blessed Passover and Unleavened Bread Holy week! We are blessed that Christ became our Passover lamb so that we could have a relationship with God and future life with God and Christ in His Kingdom!

My boys are excited for the upcoming week as we enjoy our special Unleavened Bread treats--especially our breakfasts of Dutch Babies, the fantastic oven pancake. I bought 18 boxes of Triscuits this week--hey there were on sale and we adore them! All different flavors too. And I bought me a wedge of my favorite smoked Gouda cheese! Yum!

We look forward to the Spring feasts every year. Such a joy to keep and celebrate our deliverance and freedom from the bondage of sin!

Have a simply wonderful weekend!

March 23, 2018

The Ship Sank

Remember last Friday? When I told you I felt like my body (the ship) was being attacked? That I could feel the invaders? And that I hoped I would be better after a day of rest?

That would be a big N-O-P-E.

Unfortunately, Friday night was pretty dreadful. I was awake--THE ENTIRE NIGHT--so hot and tossing and turning. Couldn't sleep a wink! I took my temperature, but it wasn't high at all. Barely 99. ONE HOUR. I got maybe ONE hour of sleep that night. I woke and just knew. *BAM* I was down.

March 22, 2018

Building Vehicles with Super Beads from Zirrly {Product Review}

Are your kids into those fusible bead sets? The ones which almost make you shudder because of all the tiny little beads which then have to be heat set with your iron? Do you have horror stories of a time when you accidentally dropped your child’s creation sending beads everywhere and causing a complete emotional meltdown in your child? Wish there was an easier way? Maybe you should check out the Zirrly Super Beads we have been reviewing!

About Zirrly Super Beads

Zirrly Super Beads are unique in that they only require water and air drying time to fuse together. Once your child puts all their beads in place, simply spray it with water and let it sit! After about an hour the creation will be set and ready to go! Unlike other popular fuse bead

March 20, 2018

File Folder Games: Hands-On History and Geography with Home School in the Woods {Product Review}

I love searching for ways to make learning fun. Some of the easiest are games. There are many games which incorporate things like the maths, but there aren't as many things which help teach other subjects. Especially history and geography. Enter File Folder Games. With just a bit of extra time, a file folder game can be created for nearly any subject thanks to the help of Home School in the Woods. Over the last several weeks, we have been reviewing two of their Á La Carte projects-- A Trip to Town and Name that State!--both file folder games.

About A Trip to Town and Name that State!

Home School in the Woods is one of the top producers of printable materials, lapbooks, and unit studies for homeschooling. They recently branched out and started offering some of the

March 16, 2018

When the ship is going down...

Tell me I am not the only one who knows when their body has been compromised? When their immune system has suddenly one on high alert and you just FEEL the germs breaching the wall? This is me today. I have a feeling it's gonna happen. I've made it almost through the whole season without catching anything nasty. But I *feel* it. I sense the ship is sinking. I will let you know if I am right or not. Hopefully I am not right. Please oh please let me not be right. I will check back in on Sunday...I am hoping my day of rest (aka my most beautiful blessed Sabbath) will fix what ails me. 💜 Tonight, I am drinking some herbal teas. Taking some extra immune boosting supplements, and hoping for the best!

March 8, 2018

Adventures in Crochet: Crochet-a-Long and 100% Cotton Yarn

I am just really enjoying exploring crochet. There is something satisfying about finishing a project or exploring new yarn. I think crochet is a giving activity. I rarely desire to keep for myself what is being made. Right now out of all my projects only 2 are actually FOR me. I think that's why I enjoy it even more. In this post, I want to share another Crochet-A-Long update and my newest project in exploring the world of 100% Cotton yarn.

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Crochet-A-Long (CAL) Update

Okay, so since my last post, the newest block design has been released. It is a gorgeous block called the Crocodile Dahlia Square. But I won't lie. It intimidates me. In my CAL group, it seems EVERYONE has been having issues with it. It is very different in style in that you do the block

March 6, 2018

From the Makers of Kwik Stix Comes Magic Stix Washable Markers {Product Review}

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Please see my disclosure policy for full details and thank you for your support!
Kids and markers. Now THAT is a potentially hazzardous combination! LOL. If your children are like mine, they love using markers. But if your children are ALSO like mine, they tend to get markers all over THEMSELVES! Or someone leaves the lid off and ruins the fun for everyone. But what if I told you there is a new marker on the block that is non-toxic, washable, AND has a 7 day Cap-Off-Won't-Dry-Out Guarantee? Let me introduce you to Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc. Over the last several weeks we have been reviewing the 24 pk of these kid friendly markers and are ready to share our thoughts!

About Magic Stix Washable Markers

The Magic Stix Washable Markers are the newest product in the line of art supplies from The Pencil Grip, Inc. These markers are non-Toxic, washable, come in a plastic carrying case, and have a guarantee that even if their cap is off

March 1, 2018

Upcoming Reviews for March/April 2018: What are we checking out right now?

Another month in 2018 has come and gone and I've already gotten three reviews under my belt! Did you catch them? I've already shared reviews on UltraKey Online, Heirloom Audio Products, and Drive Thru History Adventures, so make sure you check them out! But the review products continue to arrive for March and April! So let me share what I've got coming up for the next two months--maybe you will see something you will want to check out!


1. Magic Stix from The Pencil Grip, Co.
A 24 pack of markers that are non-toxic and won't dry out even if uncapped for 7 days? Um, yes please! My boys are enjoying using these over the course of our review. Review will go LIVE the week of March 5th, 2018

2. A la Carte Projects File Folder Games from Home School In the Woods

February 28, 2018

Drive Thru History Adventures in Bible History {CurriculumReview}

Drive Thru History Adventures~ Curriculum Review
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History. We love it. Video history. We love it. When we had the chance to review Drive Thru History Adventures--an online video history course--I hoped that it would be right up our alley and something the whole family would enjoy. We decided to explore their Bible History curriculum and learn more about the Gospels!

About Drive Thru History Adventures

Drive Thru History Adventures is an online homeschool video course designed to make history more relevant and fun through on location filming but also is Christ centered and fact filled.

February 23, 2018

Adventures in Crochet: FibreShare, Crochet-A-Long, and WIPS

I must say that I have enjoyed my continued dive back into the world of crochet. I am totally in love with yarn and different fibers. I have learned about these lovely things called "indie dyers" which lead me to a whole world of absolutely delightful colors and textures! So let me catch you up on how my year long Craft-A-Long is going, the delightful package I received from my Fibreshare partner, and some current Work-In-Progress (WIP).

Crochet-A-Long Update

Moogly's Crochet-a-Long is progressing nicely! I have made the third block and boy it offered some challenges. I learned some new stitches

February 21, 2018

Teach Your Family How To Type with UltraKey Online Family Subscription {Product Review}

While I am a firm believer in my children learning cursive and handwriting, I can't deny the necessity to also be skilled in typing. There are many different programs out there, and I have tried several of them. I *know* what style works best for my children: a program that is online, has lots of practice, provides encouragement, focuses on actual typing, and doesn't have lots of bells and whistles. Thus far, I haven't found the "perfect" program, but when our family was given the opportunity to review the UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning, I was hopeful that this one would be what we needed.

About UltraKey Online

UltraKey Online Family Subscription is a typing program designed by Bytes of Learning. The program provides clear voice instructed lessons with animation and videos. The Family subscription lets a parent or mentor oversee the use of the program while family members use the program. This is ideal for homeschoolers, or for just additional practice for schoolchildren in general. The ideal age

February 20, 2018

Live the Adventure with Wulf the Saxon {Product Review}

We were thrilled to kick off the 2018 Schoolhouse Review Crew season with the latest audiodrama production from Heirloom Audio Productions, Wolf the Saxon! We have been so thankful to have received all the previous audiodramas over the last few years, and were hopeful that this latest release would be just as good as the others!

About Wulf the Saxon

Wolf the Saxon (a 2 CD set) is the latest in the line of quality audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions. Based on one of the beloved works from G. A. Henty, this story takes the listener back to the era of the Normans and Saxon’s—when the French and English were bitter foes. The year is 1065 and Edward the Confessor is King of England. There is a tenuous peace with France—as long as each party stays on their own land. But things don’t always go as planned. Through the course of the story, a simple boat party with the King’s intended heir, unfortunately leads to capture by the Normans, time in a French dungeon, a daring escape, trickery from a supposed friend, and a desperate struggle for the throne of England. Wulf is a young Saxon landholder who serves a Christian friend Harold—who happens to be in line for the throne. Wulf and Harold become close because they share common beliefs in regards to duty and honor. But when their boat capsizes off the coast of France and they are captured by the Normans, their friendship takes on new levels as Wulf works hard to get his friend—the future King—out of harms way! They serve in battle together and each encourages the other in their life’s journey. Wulf is even there when Harold is tricked by William the Conqueror (a Norman) to swear allegiance to him—a problem since both Harold and William expect to be the future King of England! Through it all, Wulf continues to serve England with duty, courage, and honor even when it seems all hope is lost.

Our Thoughts on the Product

As always, we enjoyed Wulf the Saxon. It is a treat to listen to during our road trips and our lunch breaks. The boys prefer to listen when they are a “captive audience” so they can follow along better. While they didn’t dislike the story at all and loved the battles, of all the ones we have listened too, this one didn’t end up a favorite. But the story was new to them and they wanted to learn more about William the Conqueror and the time of the 1000’s AD. After listening to the story, I too wanted to learn more, so I did some more research myself into William the Conqueror, King Edward, the Battle of Hastings, and the Bayeux Tapestry. I also wanted to learn more about the attacks on England by the Welsh. I loved the comments by the Saxon soldiers about how crazy the Welsh were. LOL

Anything that gets people interested in history is always a win—which is why these historical fiction audiodramas are such great resources to add to our collection. These audiodramas also feature fantastic soundtracks and stellar voice casting. This particular audiodrama featured the voice talents of Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan, King Lear), Chris Larkin (Master and Commander, Valkyrie), Helen George (Call the Midwife), Jack Farthing (Poldark), Patrick Godfrey (Les Miserable, Ever After), and more!

As an extra aside, the Bayeux Tapestry is discussed at the beginning of the audiodrama. It is a tapestry thought to date back to the 11th century and is the Norman view of the Norman conquest of England concerning William the Conqueror and Harold, Earl of Wessex. The release of Wulf the Saxon which tells the tale of William the Conqueror and Harold, Earl of Wessex and the Battle of Hastings goes perfect with some news from France. I just read yesterday that on 18 January 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the Bayeux Tapestry would be loaned to Britain for public display. It is expected to be exhibited at the British Museum in London from 2022. It will be the first time that the Tapestry has left France in 950 years. (Bayeux Tapestry, Wikipedia). Pretty cool huh how the timing worked out!

Want To Learn More?

We have enjoyed listening to Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions. I encourage you to check out the Live the Adventure club to get the inside scoop on all the latest news from Heirloom Audio Productions! By joining the club you will get three 2-CD audiodrama sets shipped to you each year, have access to hundreds of fun activities and games, stream over 500 old-time radio shows, and much more! 
Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}
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I am happy to add this audiodrama to our collection and will be looking forward to using it as a resource when we are studying the early 1000's in world history in the future. I encourage you check out Heirloom Audio Productions for yourself--you will be glad you did! 

February 16, 2018

I will Give You Rest

It was one of those days. 

The kind of day when you feel it boiling inside of you.

The bad attitude.

I felt it simmering. I don't know really where it came from. Probably an inconvenience of some kind aggravated me. And then *pop* just like that the bad attitude emerged. 

February 7, 2018

Upcoming Reviews for February/March: What are we checking out right now?

It's that time of year again...when my stint with the Homeschool Review Crew kicks into high gear and awesome new products start arriving at my house. Would you believe that my husband even bought us a new mailbox that is big enough to accommodate all my boxes? LOL. True Story! Yes, it's true. I am starting to get HaPpY MaIl each week! So let's take a moment to see what I have coming up for reviews that will be shared for the month of February and March 2018!

Upcoming Reviews for February

1. Bytes of Learning from UltraKey Online
This is one that I am especially tickled with. This is an online keyboarding/typing program. Everything is online, so you don't have to download any software! Although I requested this primarily for my 11 (almost 12) year old, it appears that my younger son (Age 7) is enthralled with the idea of learning how to type and asks to use the program. And if you have stayed up with me on Facebook (you follow me there, right?) you will have seen that I have been using it myself to strengthen my own skills! I look forward to sharing a full review with you the week of February 19th, 2018.

2. Wolf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions
We have been blessed to have reviewed every single one of the Heirloom Audio Productions audiodramas that have been part of our Homeschool Review Crew--and we were given the latest audiodrama in the line up to listen to and review as well! Our review will go LIVE the week of February 19th, 2018

3. Drive Thru History Adventures: Biblical History~ The Gospels
A video based family bible study that takes us on location to the areas the events in the Bible took place? Yes please! We have been working through this 18 episode curriculum as a family and I am looking forward to sharing our review the week of February 27th, 2018

Some additional companies being reviewed in February by my fellow crew members include: Starfall Education Foundation


4. Magic Stix from The Pencil Grip, Co.
A 24 pack of markers that are non-toxic and won't dry out even if uncapped for 7 days? Um, yes please! My boys are enjoying using these over the course of our review. Review will go LIVE the week of March 5th, 2018

5. A la Carte Projects File Folder Games from Home School In the Woods
We just received our items to review for our ala carte file folder games from Home School in the Woods! I picked games that I was pretty sure my boys would enjoy--Trip to Town and Name that State! Both will be a great addition to our social studies curriculum! This review will go LIVE the week of March 19, 2018

Some additional reviews being completed by other members on my review crew include: CursiveLogic, Parenting Made Practical, and NatureGlo's eScience.

Tis the season when I start getting pretty busy again! I just filled out the forms for three MORE review products (and I will add them to this list as they are assigned), so it's definitely going to start getting pretty busy around here! But I get awfully excited when the products to review start popping up in my mailbox, on my front porch, or in my email! I always share about them on my Instagram account FIRST, so to stay up to date with what's going on daily, make sure you follow me over there! 

February 1, 2018

Three Tips to Get Started with Nature Study {Nature Study Series~Part 2}

3 Tips To Get Started with Nature Study
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In my first installment of my series on Nature Study, I wrote about 5 Reasons to Add Nature Study to Your Classroom. We love Nature Study and our family feels strongly about making sure it's a part of each homeschool week. I know there are many out there who desire to add it to their lessons, but really just don’t know how to begin. It is for these people that I would like to dedicate this post which I've simply titled: Three Tips for Getting Started With Nature Study.

1. Don’t over think it.

Nature Study isn’t something that has to be planned out. You don’t need a lesson plan (although there are some you can have) to do it.

January 26, 2018

Adventures in Crochet ~ Craft-a-Long and FibreShare

Adventures In Crochet: Craft A Long and FibreShareI really have been enjoying deepening my interest in crochet. I have found it is very peaceful to be able to sit with my family and crochet. I also LOVE yarn. It's so colorful and squishy! Finally, I like the challenge of following a pattern and creating something from it! Because of this, I have decided to take my crochet hobby up a notch. I decided to enter a YEAR LONG craft-a-long project, as well as participating in a FibreShare swap!

The Craft-a-Long.

I decided to do the Moogly CAL2018 this year. The craft-a-long itself idea is simple--A group of crocheters all work on the same pattern at the

January 17, 2018

5 Reasons to Add Nature Study to Your Homeschool (Nature Study Series~ Part 1)

One of the most important subjects that I am teaching this year is Nature Study. I have found that by including Nature Study in my day or week, I can guarantee that things will go more smoothly. Nature Study is an "old fashioned" subject that used to be included in the classic "one-room schoolhouse" course list, but is missing from most classrooms today. There are many benefits of including it in your studies, so today I'm going to share my Five Reasons to Add Nature Study to Your Homeschool

1. Nature Study Takes the Focus Away From You

       Let's not kid ourselves. 90% (or more!) of our day is focused on US. What will we wear? What will we eat? What will we do? We get busy in our lives and it's very easy to create BUSYNESS for our children. Know that phrase: Stop and smell the roses? Well there is definitely something to that. Taking time to stop and smell the roses--to stop and explore the world around us--can help reset our focus in life. As soon as you really stop and look at

January 12, 2018

Homeschooling On A Budget? Tips and Advice from Homeschool Moms on Free and Inexpensive Resources

Homeschooling On A Budget: Tips and Advice
One of the misconceptions about homeschooling is that it is expensive. Homeschooling one child is one thing, but most homeschooling families have multiple children to teach and plan for! How do you customize an education for each child without breaking the bank? Today I would like to offer up some ideas to keep homeschooling on a budget, and share some advice from other homeschooling moms, about making it an affordable option no matter the size of your family!

January 3, 2018

A Lone Star Hero's Love Story Book Series by Shelley Shepard Gray {Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!}

Lone Star Hero Book Series Review and GIVEAWAY
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Do you like Christian Fiction? Do you like Historical fiction? Do you like stories of Civil War and deep friendships of brothers in arms? If you do, I highly recommend the A Lone Star Hero's Love Story series by New York Times Bestselling Author Shelley Shepard Gray! Read my review and get entered to win the complete series in paperback!

January 2, 2018

Let it Snow: Our Favorite Books and Activities to Help Bring Winter Inside

Winter Themed Books and Activities
I won't lie. I actually do enjoy SOME of what winter brings. Especially living out here in Kentucky. Once fall hits, the scenery becomes rather dreary, bleak, and...well...Brown. There just aren't enough evergreens to keep it green. Therefore, one of the highlights of winter out here is SNOW! It seems to be hit and miss most winters. We maybe get 16" or we might barely get a dusting. But oh how lovely it looks outside when it is all fresh white and clean! When the winter arrives, so does my desire for all things winter themed: hot cocoa, hot cider, winter themed books, and fun winter themed activities. Today I want to share some of my favorite winter themed books and activities for school.

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Favorite Winter Themed Books

One of my most favorite ways to enjoy winter, is with our favorite winter themed books. This is the time of year when I hit up the library hard to find our family favorites to read again. By saving them for once a year, it keeps them special!