June 20, 2010

33 weeks 5 days

Dearest Justin,

Well love the countdown continues. Every day mommy gets more and more anxious for your arrival. This goes into overdrive when I come across adoreable new babies when I go shopping! They are so cute, but I know that you will be even MORE ADOREABLE because you will be ours.

Everytime I go shopping I always have people asking me when I'm due and it never fails...when I tell them August 3rd, their eyes bug out and they look at my belly and assure me that "you won't make it to August my dear." Don't they realise that the 3rd of August is just three measly days into the month? It's not like I said "August 23rd" or something. Naturally, I just smile and nod and hope that they are right. But seriously. It's getting old. And the staring at my belly? Small children look at me like I've got an alien growing inside. It's discomforting to say the least! LOL!

But I gladly put up with it because I know that I'm in love with my little "alien" inside of me. You are definitely making your presence known as you stretch and push. I think it's interseting that you've been a stretcher rather than a kicker. Your big brother was a kicker! He was like a jack rabbit inside! But you do it much more calmly...I hope that's a sign of your personality! LOL!

Well, it's going to be another scorcher, so mommy is just going to take it easy again today. Lots of resting and lots of water! Did you know our doctor wants me to drink at least 80 ounces of fluid a day??? That's a lot of liquid! But when it's this hot, it's really not that hard to do.

I love you forever and always!

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rc45 said...

I really love your entries to your baby blog. It makes me smile.