June 6, 2011

10 months old!

Can you believe the little monkey is 10 months old? Shocking isn't it?! But yep, the little monkey turned 10 months old yesterday! He had a slow start compared to Seth in regards to what he could/would do...but these past few weeks he caught up big time!

He can crawl like a pro. He cruises EVERYTHING including walls super fast. He finally accepted the concept of chewing and enjoys little things like Puffs and those yummy veggie stick chips. He downs jars of food or things of yogurt no problem. But when it comes to talking...sigh...still no "mama". Daddy. Hey. Yay. Kee-Ka (kitty cat). Hey Kee (hey kitty). But Mama? Nope. oh well! LOL!

We had a pediatrician appointment today and he's slimming down--most likely due to his increased activity. He's 22lbs 15 oz...but 29" long! So he's very tall. He's just perfect!

Seth and Justin are bestest friends and they play together very well. No one is as funny as Big Brother!

It's hard to believe that in just two months he'll be a year old...where DOES time go?

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