July 19, 2011

Books Books Books!

It has been so much fun getting the mail lately because all the books I ordered for Seth are starting to arrive! I am enjoying checking them out and trying to figure out which books go with what lesson. I'm in the process of getting the lessons together now...I'm pretty sure that the 10 day unit that I'm supposed to start with is going to be just a 5 or 6 day one instead. Seth already knows his days of creation, so to only analyze one day during a school day would be too slow. So I'm going to lump days together.

I've been talking with my mother-in-law about the art projects that I have planned for each unit. She's going to be the art teacher since she actually DOES have an Art History Masters Degree! What a help she will be! And she loves the idea of being a part of Seth's schooling.  It's always nice when you can get other family members involved!

The countdown is beginning and Seth is excited and asking me if it's August yet! LOL! Thankfully it's NOT and I still have time to get things organized!

On another note, Seth graduated from training wheels on his bike this weekend! Yay! He's such a big boy!

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