May 15, 2012

Checking in...

Hello! I'm sorry I've not been on very much lately, but I'm enjoying the beautiful weather and lighter school day by spending more time outside in the garden! The boys and I have been planting all sorts of things and they have been enjoying digging in the dirt with me.

Our school days have been very eclectic...some days with a reading focus, others with a math focus (multiplication of groups), and others with an art focus. Then of course our science time in the garden.

Little Britches was shocked to discover that gardening was science...he declared it "too fun to be school!" LOL! Hmmm...what does that say about his thoughts on school?!

His reading fluency is improving daily as I have him read his favorite books (the Biscuit puppy ones) to Baby Britches. It was hilarious today when Baby Britches added the sound effects ("Boof! Boof!") upon request whenever Biscuit (the bog) had to bark in the book. He really felt like he was reading with Big Brother, I could tell.

We started our FIAR on Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say this week. I was a bit worried that Little Britches would find it boring, but he is enjoying learning about Japan. Especially since Japan has been in the news a lot lately with the earthquake and then tsunami. He was intrigued by the idea that Japan is made up of a lot of islands. I am documenting our row, so I will post that once we are done.

We still have to work on some letter formation...'y' is a struggle as he likes to put it backwards. But he's doing better with little 'b' and 'd' which is an improvement.

We will be going onto an abbreviated summer vacation starting with Memorial Day weekend as my parents will be here visiting for the week! We are greatly looking forward to that time and I know they want to maximize the time with the boys. We might go visit a few things while they are here. Maybe a museum or two. Maybe the zoo. We will see!

I am also getting ready to the start the Good Morning Girls Summer session which focuses on Proverbs 31. I volunteered myself as a leader to a study group for some of the ladies in my faith and they are all itching to get started. We decided we will start on May 21st. Our group right now has 25 ladies in it of all ages--some teenage, most mom's with small children, and some grandmas! It is going to be an amazing experience!

So that's what's on my plate right now...I will try to upload some pictures soon...we've taken some good gardening ones I can share.

Love to all!

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