July 5, 2012

Treasure hunting...

It's picture day!!
Here are some pictures of the treasures we found in our garden this week...
Oh yes. There is just something so satisfying about rows of beautiful healthy lettuce!!! I thinned these out...did you know that you can stop the wilting by putting them roots and all in a glass of water with a plastic bag over the leaves? Then stick it in the refrigerator. I did and they are as perky as if I'd never picked them.
  I had no idea that there would be such stunning blossoms on my cucumber plant...but these little yellow beauties just pop against the green of the plant!
Peas! I have a little munchkin who eagerly runs to the peas hoping for a handout!
This mean looking fella is a stag beetle. We found a few of them when we were digging around in the dirt today. The boys of course were pretty excited about him...or her. How does one tell the gender on a beetle?
Corn in two stages...some nearing summer harvest, another set for a fall harvest...still green even in the drought...
Hmmm...something is growing in my corn...
A nice bowl of greens to enjoy! You can see the lettuce I thinned out...pretty nice sized baby leaves.
The highlight of the day was "digging for treasure" in our potato patch. Little Britches got soooo excited when he would find new potatoes! It's just downright fun!
And my favorite photo of the week...Little Britches excited about all the potatoes we found!! And they taste delicious!

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