December 17, 2012

Learning about ROY G BIV

 "I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth." Genesis 9:13
We did a study on rainbows after our review on Noah. We began by reviewing the colors of the rainbow and remembering our ROY G. BIV help. We colored a basic picture of a rainbow after finding the color crayons that matched. 

Our art project for the week was making these cute little rainbows.
 You can find the instructions here for making your own. They were very fun to make and they look super cute!

Math is WAYYY more fun when you get to EAT your manipulatives!
 It was all about graphing last week--and we enjoyed using Skittles--fitting since their slogan is "Taste the Rainbow!"

I made up this sheet for our final day. I asked Little Britches to write three sentences about rainbows and then draw a picture of a rainbow using the correct colors.
I was so proud! The only thing he wanted me to do was help him spell "are". He has his spacing and sentence structure correct--remembering his capital letters and periods! Woot!

It was a great week full of beautiful color--and the sun FINALLY came out on the last day---and it made the prism we have hanging in our living room window throw mini rainbows all over our wall! Perfect for the conclusion of our unit study!
In my soul, I am still that small child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colors of a rainbow. ~Papiha Ghosh


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