January 31, 2013

The Never-ending Green Onion

I love the flavor of green onions. It's just perfectly subtle. Fabulous in just about every thing I make from Mexican to Italian to just good old scrambled eggs! BUT I always forget to buy them! So 3 weeks ago, our grocery store Kroger had organic green onion bunches 2/$1.00. A steal! So I went ahead and bought two. I brought them home and they just looked less than perky the next morning, so I got a small jar with some water and plopped both bunches in and put it in the back of my fridge.

The next morning, I discovered they were bright green and happy looking...and that's when it hit me!

{GREEN ONIONS on Pinterest! }

Yes, that flash bulb moment when you remember seeing a pin on Pinterest about something.

This one was talking about how you can grow green onions indefinitely in your house.

I was stoked about this idea and decided to test it out.
So I put fresh water in my pint mason jar, trimmed the dead-ish looking pieces from the green onion bunches and put it in the jar. Then I set the jar on my kitchen window sill. I love my kitchen windowsill. It gets the beautiful morning sunshine and lets me peak out at the pasture behind our house. And it's the perfect place for new plants. AND my window panes are such that they have lots of lines on them. Perfect for marking growth of my green onions.

Whoa Nelly!

In just ONE DAY--ONE! The green onions grew 1/2" (inch).
By the next day it was another 1/2". And new growth was showing up near the base of the onions!

After this, I didn't think about their growth very much (just enjoyed having them fresh for my food), but a week ago I noticed--you know, these things are REALLY growing! And they were. So I measured again. This time they grew 1" (inch) OVERNIGHT!!! No joke. I measured. I sent my mom this picture of my green onions on the 25th.
The morning of the previous day (the 24th) the tallest one was BELOW the line. Yeah. I know. Crazy!

Well here is a picture of them from the 29th. At the top edge of my window.

Is that enough to convince you that these things are awesome?!

Here are the pics side by side so you can really see:
My husband likes to cook breakfast for me on the weekend and he has been enjoying snipping fresh green onion for his country style fried potatoes and eggs.

Frankly, I just enjoy the beautiful greenness of the shoots during these cold winter months. Once it turns warmer, I will plant some of these out on in my porch containers and continue to just do the same...snip and let it grow. But I'm still going to keep some inside. I just like watching them grow!

It's got awesome roots too...all thin and hair like...
I totally recommend you try it out! Of course if you enjoy eating the BULB you clearly can't make it last forever! LOL!


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Diana said...

I do this only I always put then in the fridge. They still grow, but not as fast. But they eventually lose their green because no sun light! I will have to leave them out next time!