February 19, 2013


Middle of February--eh, who am I kidding...it's nearly the END of February! We are eager to be nearing our Spring Break at the end of March. I think both of us are hitting that point where you just need a break. Mercifully it's coming soon as we always coordinate our Spring break to fall in line with the Spring Holy Days. This year they begin March 24th...so we will take that week off--and the week prior so I can have adequate time for de-leavening our home. I have a love/hate relationship with de-leavening. LOL! I LOVE the results of it---order, organization, cleanliness...but I hate the process! LOL! But then that boils down to my STRONG dislike of housecleaning. (grin)

I have several blog posts ready--in my head. I just have been very busy with a lot of things and haven't gotten them typed up yet. I even have photos for them. But there are just not enough hours in the day to do every single thing I want to get done.

Know that feeling??


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