July 30, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch for July 30th (a new series!)

As I was checking my Feedly feeds, I stumbled across a new weekly series that is right up my alley! So I'm very tickled to be joining in for the first time this week to...
Everyday Ruralty

Are you looking forward to fall?
Absolutely! Fall is my #1 most favorite season...especially since I moved to rural Kentucky. Oh the vibrancy the season brings! 
Picture from Fall 2012 here on the farm
Growing up I lived in Washington and all the trees and foliage is pretty much evergreen! Which is great during the winter, but you miss out so much during the fall! I also love fall because all my favorite colors are represented and I can live in my jeans and long sleeved T-shirts!

What are the three best colors for you to wear, and the three worst?
Best colors--intense sapphire blue, plumby purple, cheery apple Red!
Worst colors--pastels. It is so hard for me (A BLONDIE!) to find pastels that work for me. Let's not even mention the color yellow!

What is your favorite kind of juice? If you are not into juice, you can tell us your favorite flavor of soda, tea, coffee, Tang, mud, etc.
Juice. I have a thing for pineapple juice. Or those yummy 100% tropical juices with guava, pineapple, orange mixed together. I adore that stuff!

Have you ever been in the hospital (at least an overnight)? You don't need to share the ailment, but tell us what the longest time is.
The only time I've ever had to stay the night was for my two boys birth's. They were both born at night, and since the hospital has a 24 hr rule, I always had to stay the night. The only surgery I ever had was outpatient for the D&C I had to have for my second pregnancy. But I didn't stay the night.

Do jingles, songs from ads, and TV or movie themes stick in your head? Do you find yourself singing them?
Oh yes. I am very musical. But sometimes the DUMBEST stuff gets stuck on repeat in my head. But right now it's my boys Raffi songs. Oy! I'm could strangle "Baby Baluga" and "Joshua Giraffe"!

I am looking forward to joining in on this series each week--and found a great new blog to follow at Everyday Ruralty!


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