September 9, 2013

Introducing...The Monday Munchies (recipe and link-up!)

Welcome to my new feature here on the blog--a weekly recipe roundup! Every Monday I plan on sharing a family favorite recipe with might be my family's favorite or it might be a reader's family favorite recipe! I just want this to be a place where you can find something delicious to try in your own home!
Every weekly post is also going to have a LINK UP so that my readers can link up posts that THEY have written sharing a recipe or snack idea! And it doesn't have to be the actual recipe--I encourage you to share any posts you have written about other recipes you've tried from various sources (like Pinterest!) or friends! I just want this weekly post to be chalk full of tasty treat ideas!

And so with that, how about I get started by sharing a recipe that always gets rave reviews AND is super simple to make?!
Now when I say simple, I MEAN simple. 
You just put all the ingredients in a bowl together and stir. 
Then pour it into a greased pan and bake it. 

Did I mention it's also egg-less and butter/oil-less?
And it's CHOCOLATE??

So I guess you COULD call it...healthy?
Well maybe not quite...but I call it delicious and a great go-to dessert when you need something in a hurry!


Here is a graphic for you to add to your sidebar to share the news about the link up!
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