May 23, 2014

Random 5 on Friday~ May 23rd

The Pebble Pond

1. Today I am on an "almost summer" field trip with my boys. My parents are visiting from Washington State and while they are in the Cincinnati leg of their trip (visiting my brother--then they go to SC to see my aunt--then back to our house next Thursday for a week) they wanted us to come up and spend the day with them. At King's Island. Not familiar with King's Island? Here is a clue:
Yeah, a HUGE amusement part with psychotic roller coasters. It's hugely popular here and though I've lived in the area--and even just 20 minutes away at one point--I have never been there.

2. I am (used to be) a roller coaster junkie. I have adored them since I was tall enough to ride my first big one. Ironically it was my mom's dad--my grandfather who fed my love of them. How funny it must have been to see a white blond little freckle faced kid with her gray haired grandfather taking such glee out of sitting in the FRONT SEAT of a monster coaster. But oh what memories. But now. Now I feel old. I look at them and just think "I am going to be sick". Bwahahaha. I haven't ridden a big one since Six Flags San Antonio, TX in 2003. That's 11 body is 11 years older. And my mind 11 years wiser! Bwahahah!

3. My husband is NOT into roller coasters...he is horribly afraid of heights. So he just waves to me, holds my purse and eats a funnel cake. I think Little Britches (age 8) is more like his daddy. He gets very nervous about trying new I will be curious to see how he does tomorrow. Will he ride? Will he pass? Now Baby Britches. He is my daredevil. I have a feeling he will be the one crying about NOT getting to ride. LOL!

4. Cotton Candy and Snow Cones. If there is something I love to get at a fair or amusement park, it's those two things. To me they just embody all that is good memories...And yes. If I can find some, I am SO getting some tomorrow. AFTER I am done riding roller coasters.

5. After a day at the amusement park, my parents are going to take the boys and I to dinner. If I get to choose, I will choose Red Robin. I LOVE that place! There is just one restaurant nearby...and yet it was a fixture in the NW where I grew up. All my "special" dinners were there. My 21st birthday was there. I just love that place. And I always order the same thing: Freckled Lemonade and a Bonzai Burger. That's the one with a big juicy grilled pineapple ring. Mmmm. Love it!

Have a delightful weekend!

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