July 3, 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch #146~ July 3rd

Here we are on the 3rd day of July...are you ready for the July 4th holiday? Our family always enjoys the July 4th events our town puts on...the vendors roll in and they close the downtown area so that they can set up. There are inflatable houses for the kids, yummies to eat, craft booths, pagaents, cornhole tournaments, clogging, bluegrass and classic rock bands and the new and very popular event--the Burn-out! That's where people bring their trucks and such and BURN OUT their tires to make the most smoke. Yes, totally red-neck. LOL! In our town, it doesn't matter whether the 4th is on a weekday or weekend--the FIREWORKS are always on Saturday night! We are close to town and can watch the big firework display from our barn or field. In fact, people come from down our road and up onto our railroad crossing to watch them instead of fighting the mass of humanity downtown. We are right on the river too--so it's always packed with boats. We look forward to enjoying the festivities tomorrow and then Saturday night!

Now I've got my answers to the chat questions from the Everyday Ruralty link up for this week!
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What's your favorite kind of cheese?
I love cheese. The only kinds I don't like are the smelly moldy ones. But I REALLY love the European cheese like Smoked Ghouda. Or a good REAL Swiss and Mozarella. But then again I love my extra sharp aged cheddar. My favorite BRAND of cheese is Tillamook from the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon. Remember that I lived in the Pacific Northwest until I was married...anytime we went to the Oregon coast we'd ALWAYS stop at the factory on our way home to get cheese samples and buy THE BEST fresh made ice cream. Needless to say when I FINALLY found Tillamook cheese out here in the mid-west at our closest Costco...well it was a joyous day. Now I've spoiled my family for any other. My father-in-law loves it so much...he says it's like the cheese his mom used to make.

Have you ever been in a log cabin?
Yes, several of them. I've been in "real" ones and ones at National Tourist sites like Forts. I love log cabins.

What is your favorite kind of salad dressing?
Oooh, I have many...but none of them are store bought. I make all our own salad dressings whether Ranch, French or Honey Mustard! Yum! Hmmm. I think it's time for a Salad dressing Recipe post...

When was the last time you saw someone from your high school days?
Um. Let's see. The last time I saw someone from school...was probably 1 or two years ago when I went back to my hometown (where my parents live) and saw someone at the grocery store. Most of my senior class still lives in my smalltown. I'm one of the handful that actually LEFT.

Tell me what the perfect dinner party would look like for you.
An evening with friends at dusk. Wildflowers in mason jars, tea light candles in mason jars. Gingham tablecloth. Napkins tied with twine. And then good food cooked and shared with friends. Did I mention fireflies?

Thanks for stopping by today! I think I will write up and share my favorite salad dressing recipes--make sure check back in another time for them! They are easy to make and delicious!

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