October 24, 2014

Warriors of Honor~ a Civil War Documentary by New Liberty Videos {Product Review}

Our family is a family of history buffs. We love watching documentaries about the history of our nation and the world. Military history is a special love for my husband and I, especially anything related to the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. We love to learn more about the men and women who were pivotal in those conflicts, as well as learn more about the battles themselves. When I had the chance to review a Civil War documentary Warriors of Honor from New Liberty Videos with my family, I hoped that it would be as interesting as it looked!

Product Summary

New Liberty Videos Review
Warriors of Honor is a Civil War Documentary produced by New Liberty Videos. This documentary was created to share a view of the war from the Confederate side with a historical and cultural context, while providing insight into the lives of the two great generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The documentary shares background on the deep Christian faith that each men held and how it played a part in their lives on and off the battlefield.

The DVD sells for $19.95 and can be played on any device that is DVD compatible.

What Are Our Thoughts on This Product?

My husband and I decided that we would review this DVD ourselves, since both of us are big history fans and it would probably be a bit "boring" for our boys. We read the summary on the back of the video and thought we would definitely enjoy the DVD.

Based on the back cover summary, we assumed that the movie was going to be focused on the major battles of the Civil War and to provide extra behind the scenes information relating to the Confederate forces with mention of the roles of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee and their Christian faith.  Instead, the movie's primary focus was on the faith of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, with some additional personal story background thrown in. There was very little narration relating to the actual battles. There were no major battle details, other than a few statistics and some brief discussion on the roles each  of the two generals played in the particular battles, like their maneuvers and whatever they did to outsmart the Union army.

The first portion of the movie focused on Stonewall Jackson and his devout faith and how he continued in his faith during the war. There was some brief discussion on his private life like his wife and children, as well as his family after his death.

Once the movie touched on the death of Stonewall Jackson, it shifted gears and showcased Robert E. Lee and his own faith and how it played a role in how he responded to things at the end of the war and beyond. We learned about what he did after the war was over and more about his family.

Love-of-My-Life's Thoughts:
He liked the movie as a whole and thought it was well done, but says that what the back cover says the movie is about and what the introduction of the movie implies the movie is about is misleading. He expected that the movie would be focused on the war itself and just mention how the faith of the men played a part in their decisions, not just on their faith. He thinks that for someone who comes into it like him--already knowing a lot about the Civil war and wanting more information about the behind the scenes of the battles and such--it would be a letdown.

He felt that it should have just been titled "The Faith of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee" since that is all that he thinks the movie was about. He says that if he had read the plot summary online and then had spent the $19.95 for it, he would have been upset because the movie did not match it's summary.

He also thinks that the standard history buff who is desiring a true Civil War documentary might not appreciate the near exclusive emphasis on the Christianity of the generals in this movie.

My Thoughts:
The documentary was very well made. I loved the real life photos and quotes included. I think the personal history of each man, and talking about the role their devout faith played in their behavior during the war, was interesting. It was obvious that a lot of research had gone into it and it was well done.

But, I agree with my husband. The summary on the back of the DVD case and the summary on the website didn't match up to what the movie was really about. Even the beginning of the movie had a narration which led to the assumption that we were going to learn the "real story" about the causes of the war and the Confederate side of things.  But this was never covered.

The best way to rectify this would be to re-word the summary of the movie so that it is clearly understood that the primary focus of the movie is on the devout faith of each general with just BRIEF mention to the major battles. I don't think there was really anything in the movie relating to explaining the war in regards to a "historical and cultural context" as both summary's state. Nor do I see any reference to the "causes" of the war anywhere in the movie.

Would We Recommend This Product?

Yes and no. If you are seeking to know more about the personal life and faith of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, then this is the movie for you. You will get the information you are seeking.

If you are seeking a great Civil War Documentary with details regarding the major battles and information regarding the two generals actions in these battles...it will not be what you expect.

Will we watch it again? Yes, but not until Little Britches is studying Civil War history. But we will present it more as a biographical documentary rather than a battle documentary.

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