March 13, 2015

Random 5 on Friday~ Cupcake Edition (3/13)

Did you know today was Friday the 13th? We had one last month too. How did your day go? Mine went well. Rained all day long. But at least we had NO SNOW! I think that the weather and seasons are finally switching over. Of course now we are dealing with flooding from all of that snow--and now rain. We've been getting flood warnings. The river is wayyyy up. It's climbed up our creek (that dumps into it) and pushed the water level way up. There are landslides happening around us too--did you hear about that big one in West Virginia? At the base of their airport? Scary stuff. Well, now it's time for Random 5 this week. The only thing my random has in common--um, chocolate?
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1. I made a LOT of cupcakes tonight. I have a women's club meeting tomorrow at church and we always bring snacks. I made some for that. My Black Bottom cupcakes (from my Joy of Cooking cookbook) that everyone adores. They are rich. They are chocolate. They are cream cheese. They are lots of calories. They are delicious.

2. Some of the cupcakes I made have blue in the middle. Making cupcakes was two-fold. I wanted to make them for our meeting, but my sister-in-law also asked if I could make some for she and her husband's big gender reveal tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, they are revealing the gender of their expected baby (due August). So she had me bake the color in the middle to match the gender. Since these cupcakes HAD a separate middle, it was easy to do. I made the plain batch first, and then added food coloring to the cream cheese batter for the second round of cupcakes. What color? You will have to wait and see!

3. I prefer cupcakes to cake. I am not a cake person. I actually am a pie or cobbler person. But if it comes down to it--I'll reach for a cupcake over a slice of cake. I just like them. One serving. Perfect sized. So many options for flavors. We make them for birthday desserts now over cake. Everyone prefers them. 

4. I am not a fan of chocolate. Okay, so ahead and gasp! LOL! Seriously though I'm not a big chocolate person. I like it. I enjoy it. But I don't have to have it. In fact, I rarely get chocolate bars or chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake. I have always been more fond of fruit or sour tasting sweets. If I am really wanting candy, I usually grab a Skittles. If I get M&M's, it's always peanut or my favorite flavor--peanut butter. Chocolate just isn't my thing. 

5. I am married to a chocolate monster. It is a good thing I personally don't eat a lot of chocolate. Love-Of-My-Life MORE than makes up for my lack of desire. That man just can't say no to it. Well unless it's dark or white chocolate. He hates that. But chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pie, chocolate candy bars...he adores it and savors it. And it gives him zits. LOL! I can always tell when he's been into too much chocolate. His favorite cake of all is German Chocolate with the coconut icing. His favorite dessert that I make though is Mile High Fudge Brownie Pie. He adores it. It's pie, so I consider it a happy compromise. It is like pudding and pie and brownie all together in a big plate of goodness. It used to be my brother's most favorite dessert I made too---until he discovered a new cake recipe I tried. A three layered old fashioned Sour Cream Chocolate Cake. He practically bowed when he handed me his empty plate back in gratitude. Silly boy. But it was nice. 

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