July 18, 2015

Random 5 for Saturday~ 7/18: Summer Words

It's been awhile, but I figured I would do a Random 5 on Friday post...on Saturday. This week I have picked words to describe the summer we are having so far.
The Pebble Pond
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1. Busy. There have been activity after activity at church and it keeps me hopping! Throw in a couple trips and a visit from my family, not to mention normal farm busyness, and this summer is just flying by! Middle of July already? How is that even possible?

2. Rain. That pretty much describes this years summer. We had 2 straight weeks of storms and rain. We received around 9". And some of it came down so heavy our creeks rushed and the grass was flooded. Crazy amounts of rain this summer. So weird to think that on the other side of the country, they would happily take even a fraction of the rain we are having, because they are bone dry.

3. Green Tomatoes. My mom told me that the type of summer we are having here in Kentucky is what they called growing up a "green tomato summer". When you get more rain than sun and it seems like your tomatoes stay a perpetual green. Well that pretty much describes it here! We have quite a few tomatoes, but they just need more sun to ripen!

4. Humidity. Ugh. All that rain? Well the ground is saturated. And now we have HOOOOOOTTTTT weather. Put them together and there is 90%+ humidity which tacks on 5-10 degrees in "real feel" to our temperature. Today was 92, but tacking on the 95% humidity made it over 100 degrees. The kind that just covers you in sweat within seconds. Ew.

5. Flowers and Cucumbers. While the tomatoes might not be ripening, the flowers are loving the rain and sun, and so are my cucumbers. It's pickle season! Our cucumbers are growing fabulous and now it's time to make pickles. That's one thing about preserving your crops, when they are ready, you just have to do it, ready or not! Last night we had to put up corn because we discovered IT was ready. Soon it will be potatoes and melons. But right now it's cucumbers. 

Nine jars (pint-and-a-half) of pickles--whole and quartered

Fresh from the stalk corn-on-the-cob. Oh so delish!

The bees are loving my sunflowers this year!
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