June 20, 2017

Riding Through History with Rush Revere {A Review}

One of the books that first sent my oldest into his passion for history was from the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series . Since then he has actively sought out every remaining book in the series. When we had the chance to review the Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, he asked me if he could read all of them again. I couldn't refuse and so we got the entire series at our disposal this time!
Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series {A review}

About Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series

The Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series allows your children to "time travel" back in time to meet the movers and shakers that founded our country. Beginning with journeying on a ship with the Pilgrims as they came to the New World, the book series continues through early American history to
the story of the early Presidents and how elections were set up. Along the way, you will learn about famous people and places through real photographs, biographies, quotes, writings, and more that are woven into the overall story. But it's not going to be any old history lesson--with a time travelling talking horse named Liberty who routinely gets into mischief, how can it NOT be fun?

There are currently five books in the series:
★Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims
★Rush Revere and the First Patriots
★Rush Revere and the American Revolution
★Rush Revere and the Star Spangled Banner
★Rush Revere and the Presidency

But wait--did you know that you can take these books further? Yes, you can turn them into complete history lessons by using the free Study Guide and Activities that can be found on the Education Depot and Homeschool Depot section of the website! The study guide includes reading comprehension and short answer "quizzes" for each chapter--and there is a study guide available for each of the 5 books. There is also a profile page for each book on one of the famous people--and other activities like a word scramble, fill in the blank, or crossword.
example of options for Book 4

Page 1 of the Book 4 quiz for chapter 9

Page 2 for the Book 4 quiz chapter 9

But wait--there's more! LOL
You can also visit the Activity Depot for more goodies including quizzes, activities, and games. The games even include an online portion that has four different games you can play--and even send your scores into see how you compare to other players!
All five books of the series can be found in every major book retailer including Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, Amazon.com and more (Prices vary).

What are Our Thoughts on The Series?

I could simply say "WE LOVE RUSH REVERE" and end there. But I will try to give you insight in how this happened. We were first given a copy of the book Rush Revere and the First Patriots, not knowing that it wasn't the first in the series. My husband decided he was going to read it to the boys. But he isn't a lover of reading and it fell to the wayside only a chapter or two in. At the time my oldest wasn't brave enough in reading to go for it on his own. Then one day, he decided he was going to read it. And *poof* that is how it happened. I could hear him laughing and giggling while he read. He would read quotes that caught his fancy out loud to me. And when it was done, he would share a summary of the story, including the famous people and events it covered. In detail. In short, he was hooked. So we found the Brave Pilgrims...and he realized it was the FIRST book and helped make things in Book 2 make sense. Again. He wanted to read it all the time! This from a boy I despaired would never want to read for pleasure! LOL.

Well as you can imagine, he reached for book 3. And then when book 4 came out, he begged the library for a copy. They happily complied and then as soon as book 5 was available, they set it aside for him so he could be the FIRST to read it.

So why do this review? Because we don't own the books. And because he DESPERATELY wanted to read the whole series again. I also wanted to spend some time working through the ONLINE supplements that take the books further. The day we received the stack of books (all tied up in a pretty blue ribbon) he went to work--"I want to read them IN ORDER this time!"

Books area allowed ONLY at lunch!

His usual reading spot
He gets carsick, but always tries to read a little before he does
And boy has he ever. He has blazed through the books and shares that he has caught things he missed the first go around. He easily has completed the different activity pages I have given him. And is enjoying the online portion--the games!
Completing a biography page
One of the pages was a fill in the blank for the Star Spangled Banner lyrics. He was NOT amused when I gave a ROUSING rendition of the song--choosing to find it in his book for help. I gave it my all, but he just didn't appreciate my greatness. (snort)

After reading one of the books, I had him do a book report, which he chose to do as a poster presentation...so I guided him through finding the photos he wanted to display. This is a great way to take the books farther--you could turn it into a diorama, or recreate an event, or write a history report on something covered in the story...so many ways to expand these if you desire!

So let me talk grade level. The books are probably geared for a late elementary reader--4th grade up. I looked online and all the retailers descriptions confirm that, placing the age at 8-12 and grades at 4th-7th. My son isn't a super fast reader, but he does read fairly quickly. During school it took him about a week for a book (including his time at bed, lunch, etc). During the summer it's only taking him about 3 days.

These books really are an excellent way to to give your children a history experience in a way they will enjoy learning! I highly recommend you snag the first book in the series for them to try ASAP!

Want to Know More?

Over the last few weeks, we have been enjoying the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series. You have learned why we love these books so much--but what do others think?
Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series {Reviews}
You can stay up with the latest news about Rush Revere by visiting these social media outlets:
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As you can see, Rush Revere holds a permanent place on our bookshelves and my youngest is eager to be able to read them for himself. My oldest hopes that they will continue to release more and more books sharing stories of America's history!

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