October 3, 2017

One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook {Product Review}

One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook {a review}
While our family isn't really a worksheets homeschooling family, we do like to use them now and then for supplemental work. My youngest son ADORES math, and is always willing to do more math--therefore, I was hopeful that the One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks would be a good match for our family and looked forward to our review of this product.

About Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks

Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks was first created as a way to help the owner teach her own son. He was struggling learning handwriting and nothing was working for him. So Channie created a visual handwriting system and it worked like a charm! Now she has over 15 products available and they are being carried in many major retailers like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and retain stores across 25 states! Something cool about the product--it's MADE IN THE USA!

Some of the products available include:
Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad - (PreK-1st)
My First Letters - (PreK-1st)
Easy Peasy Alphabet - (PreK-1st)
Easy Peasy Cursive - (1st to 3rd)
One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook - (1st to 3rd)

The consumable workbooks range in price from $11.95-$12.95.

We were give the One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook to use with my 2nd grader. 

Our Thoughts on the Product

This workbook is very easy to use. Designed to be used as one page a day, each page contains 25 math problems. Our book is geared for 1st to 3rd grade and contains exclusively double digit math problems. The book progresses in difficulty as follows:

Page 1-4: Simple Addition
Page 5-8: Simple Subtraction
Page 9-20: Mix of simple addition and subtraction problems
Page 21-26: Additions problems that carry over
Page 27-32: Subtraction problems that need borrow
Page 33-50: Mix of double digit additions and Subtractions

The pages are designed with a little grid for each math problem in order to better show how the numbers are supposed to line up. Something that is an issue when doing math on multiple digit math problems at our house!

These pages could be used to reinforce knowledge, or even to begin to teach what double digit math looks like. I like the idea of even using it as a quick "how many can you get done and correct in ____ amount of time."

Because we already do a LOT of math in our house, I decided to use these over MULTIPLE days. We did half a page a day. I let my son pick which problems he wanted to do. He is very good at math and always got 100% on everything he did---BUT this helped him work neater and faster. 

We will continue to use this workbook. It's a good fit for our family. I think I WILL use it more as a "how many can you solve in 1 minute" fashion to speed him up with his skills. He never complains with it and even laughs at how easy many of his problems are. Because we are doing them in order, he hasn't gotten to the ones he really needs to work on--the subtraction problems with borrowing. I don't think I need to do these pages in order--it's just how I decided to do them. 

The only thing that I would wish to see different--that these would be able to be hole punched and put in a binder. Because of the way they are printed you have to fold it over the binding--if you just flipped the page, it would be upside down. So hole punching them for a binder won't work.

If you need a handy little workbook for math that progressively increases in difficulty, AND covers both addition and subtraction, I recommend grabbing one for you own household!

Want To Know More About Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks?

Over the last several weeks we have been reviewing the One Page a Day: Double Digit Math Problem Workbook from Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks. I encourage you to visit the other crew members to learn more about the other four books from the Channie's line that we are reviewing this week!
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Thus far, I have heard nothing but good things from my other crew members about books from the Channie's line--Most of them are geared for ages PreK-3rd so there aren't any other ones that I myself can use (besides the math), but I'm sure there are some YOU might be interested in! So go check them out!

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