April 11, 2018

Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures (a review)

Princess Cut~ A Movie Review
A Carolina farm girl with the dream of finding her happily ever after, but wondering if she will ever find Mr. Right and get the princess cut diamond ring she's always longed for. This is the theme and heart of the movie Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures. So, what did I think about the movie? Join me as I share my review.

About Princess Cut

Princess Cut is set in a small farm town of East Bend, tucked into the heart of the Carolina area. Grace Anderson is a small town girl with big dreams. As she's finishing her degree in interior design, she's also hoping and praying for the desire of her heart--a princess cut diamond engagement ring from her boyfriend Stewart, who she has been dating for 15 months. The story opens with her excitement and surety that tonight is going to be the night he proposes. When things don't exactly go the
way she thought they were going to, she becomes depressed wondering if God even WANTS her to get married! Then she meets Jared at a coffee shop several weeks later and wonders if maybe he will be the one...

Will Grace finding her prince? Will she ever get her ring and happily ever after? What lessons will she learn from God about love along the way?

My Thoughts about Princess Cut

Princess Cut is a movie filled with no-name actors, but that has never put me off. There are some delightful lesser known stars these days to be found in Christian based movies. I loved the scenery of the area because it is so close to the area I live in here in eastern Kentucky. I admit, I ended up watching it alone because it’s totally not the kind of movie any of my family members would have watched with me. No chick-flicks allowed in this house of boys! (sigh)

The movie was a heartwarming Christian themed romance. Grace was a sweet farm girl who lived with her mom, dad, and two brothers on their third generation soybean farm. I totally empathized with the mom about having to put aside dinner when the men are busy doing farm work. (story of my life!) I laughed when I saw the big John Deere combine in his barn—my boys sure would enjoy seeing that! I also got a kick out of little brother Drew who was like the comic relief in the family. Oh my. When he put the ad in the paper to “sell off” his sister—the hilariousness of the different suitors who came calling. I cracked up more than once. I think that was probably my favorite part in the movie.

I think the lessons learned from the story about having to prepare the seed before the harvest when it comes to love and relationships was spot on! I loved the little packet of “seeds” her father shared with her and how they came into play at the end of the movie too.

In regards to the movie as a whole—it is not Hollywood quality. Definitely more A-. The acting was forced in several spots. The movie was VERY predictable. I knew what was going to happen and who Grace was going to be with from the get-go. A few things were sort of off—the whole drama of the burying of a ring at the beginning was just weird. Also, there was such an emphasis on the princess cut diamond, that I was expecting something about it at the end WHEN she actually does get engaged. I feel like there should have been something to tie all of that together. They also mention that Grace is clearly attending college to get a degree in interior design, but she is never at school. Also, when something happens to her final project, we never see anything else about it. Also, her friend is sort of, well, not the kind of person you would expect Grace's parents would approve of Grace hanging out with. She's almost the antithesis to everything Grace believes in. So sort of odd all things considering.

The movie definitely pitted the idea of live-in relationships vs. purity against each other, so if you don’t value purity as being important in a relationship, you won’t like the message of the movie. This movie definitely qualifies as a Christian flick with the promoted principles, and of the frequent prayer and scripture discussions.

If you are looking for a movie to share with your teenagers and young adults—especially your girls—which emphasizes the importance of not getting in a rush to get married, staying pure for marriage, and working on building godly character while you wait…this one is for you.

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I am going to pass this movie on to another family in my congregation who has has daughters. I'm hoping they will enjoy the message the movie provides too.

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