August 2, 2018

Creating an Old Testament Activity-Pak with Home School In the Woods {Product Review}

Old Testament Activity-Pak from Home School in the Woods {Product Review}
I have written many times about unit studies and lapbooks and why our family enjoys them. One of the favorite companies for us is Home School in the Woods. We have reviewed several of their products over the last few years with great success. We recently had another chance to review on of their great products and have been enjoying putting together another one of the Hands-on History Activity-Paks, this time working through The Old Testament

About The Old Testament Hands-on History Activity-Pak

The Old Testament is just one of the many products in the Hands-on History Activity-Paks series from Home School in the Woods. Other products in the series include: Make-A-State, The New Testament, Artists, and Composers. Each of the Activity-Paks includes projects on the topic that together create an entire lapbook. Providing a hands-on experience for gaining and demonstrating knowledge on a subject. Home School in the Woods prides themselves on being a hands-on history company with multiple product lines. 

Every Activity-Pak includes step-by-step directions for each project, directions and photos for all the aspects of the lap book assembly, and all the printable pages needed to complete each activity. They can be used to accompany any text you are using--curriculum, unit studies, or just books in general! Another option is to use the lap book as a guide for your studies, simply add the reading and research each project as you do it! (Scripture references accompany the New and Old Testament projects.)

The Old Testament Activity-Pak includes 15 different lapbook covering different parts of the Old Testament including:
Jubal & Tubal-Cain
From Adam to Joseph
Noah & the Flood
The Tower of Babel
Abraham, Sarah, & Isaac
Sodom & Gomorrah
Ten Plagues of Egypt
Ten Commandments
Hebrew History with Egypt
Israel's First Three Kings
Division of the Hebrew Kingdoms
The Fiery Furnace
Ruth, Naomi, and Esther
Major & Minor Prophets

The Activity-Pak also includes the Old Testament Tribune and a 25 Proverbs activities for additional learning opportunities. This product is geared for grades 3-8. This is a digital product and is Mac and Windows compatible.

We reviewed this product with my boys who will be grades 3 and 7 this fall.

Our Thoughts on the Hands-on History Activity-Paks

Once again, we were back into our familiar territory as we worked through this product. By now, we have reviewed enough of the Home School in the Woods products line to know the routine. I have learned the best way to go about maximizing the product potential and making it work for us. To start with, I always click the zip folder and then the *start* link.
What pops up in the zip folder
The start link is a shortcut way to sort through everything you need. It pulls up an easy to follow menu where you can short cut your way to what you need. I ALWAYS start by printing the Lap Book Project Directions and Lap Book Assembly pdfs! They become my best friends through the use of the project--like a teacher's guide.
Each of these is clickable--and you can print off the pdf it pulls up.
Activity Directions
There are two options now. Once you have the Project Directions printed out, it is far easier to know what you need and what you can do. These activities technically do NOT need to be done in order--especially for the Bible, as you may be studying something specific which has a matching activity from this lap book. So jump around! I chose to start with Activity 1 because it was a good review...I had two options. I could either pull up the pages I needed to print from the *Start* page or I could pull up the pdf masters and find it on the list.

Just as a note--I have been told from several Chromebook users that there is something extra that has to be done to pull up the start page, so if you have one of those there may be a need to contact the company for extra help. Otherwise, pulling up the zip file folders is super easy.

Here are photos of the two different ways you can pull up all the information you need for completing the activities in the lapbook...the first is what you can find on the *start* screen...

Easy to follow menu on the Start screen
If you don't really need them in order, you can simply click the word *pdf* from the zip file and then the Lapbook Masters and you get a complete list of all the pdfs you need for the activity pak. 
Because I was jumping around and I've had experience with the project, I always just used the second option. So to use it from this point, you need to have your project directions by you, as some of the pages get printed on cardstock, or colored paper. It also says how many you need of each page and if you need to do double-sided or not. That's why I ALWAYS have the project directions printed out for quick reference. 

At this point, you can print out one activity at a time, or you could go ahead and print off everything you need for several or even all. Honestly, it's this printing stage that is the most TIME-CONSUMING of everything! I have learned to load my paper tray with everything I need for succession printing of pages. It makes it much faster. 

Once everything is printed out and the other random supplies are collected, you can just go for it! Here is a collection of different shots of my boys working on their activities from the Activity-Pak.
Genealogy from Adam to Joseph

Daniel and His Three Friends

Adding tape

Trimming things down
Once all the various activities are completed, you can store them all to attach to the file folder lapbook portion when all done--but I always lose things! LOL. So I attach them as we go following the Lap Book Assembly directions I print off when we start.
Great directions to know where everything goes!

Old Testament Activity-Pak
When the Activity-Pak is done, it really makes a great manipulative to review and to keep on hand for future studies. It also is very easy to store! I have several of these stored in my annual portfolio collection I keep for the boys' work.

Our Thoughts on the Product

Well, we are a family that enjoys unit studies. I also have several rounds of using Home School in the Woods projects under my belt, so I know how to use them best for our family. I have one boy who enjoys it more than the other--but the way we do it--just making a combined lap-pak for us works the best. We discuss the topics and then I hand out the various work--usually lots of cutting and gluing. Both of them like to reference the activity pak once it is done.

At this point, we have finished more than half of the Activities. Several of them will take 20+ minutes to put together. We will continue to work through this as we start our new school year this fall and we will be referencing it as needed through our biblical studies!

Here is what you really need to understand. This product is TIME CONSUMING. It is NOT open and go. It is NOT for someone who is more into minimal teacher prep. BUT, if you are willing to do it, it's totally worth it. 

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Want to Know More?

We have been reviewing The Old Testament from the Hands-on History Activity-Paks by Home School In the Woods. There are so many other products to check out which were completed by our review team including Hands-on History Lap-Paks, Project Passport World History Studies, Time Travelers American History, Hands-on History Activity Studies, and A La Carte Timelines
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One last thing that popped up as we were working on this review was the news that Home School in the Woods had completed their Project Passport: Ancient Rome! It is now available for purchase and they have even added it to the download bundle for a the complete Project Passport series

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