March 21, 2010

20 Weeks 5 Days

Dear Little Boy Blue,

Well, my luv,we are halfway through! If I remember right, the last half seems to go much faster than the first half! And since your mommy is going to be busy with the upcoming HOly Days, and finishing her semester in school AND getting ready for our trip out west, it WILL go by fairly quickly!

You seem to be moving a bit more often these days, but that is probably because you are growing so fast and so well. There really isn't much room in there for you to move around is there? I love feeling your little jabs, moves and stretches! It makes me smile!

Here is our picture for this week:

I really don't see much change from 18 weeks, but everyone keeps telling me that I'm getting quite large. And then they ask if I'm sure about my due date! LOL! Yes, I'm sure. I'm just going to be VERY large. Between you and I, little prince, you can come a week early if you so desire! LOL! But not too early, as it isn't good for you to rush things and your Mum-Mum might not be here yet! Your mommy needs Mum-Mum here to help her!

Well my love, it's time for your mommy to get cracking on her busy schedule today. Lots to do this week. Lots of VERY important things to do this week.

Keep growing strong and healthy and know that I love you always and forever!


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