March 10, 2010

The Big Reveal!

Dear Baby Eggplant...

Today was the big day for us! We got to see you again and find out if you were a little boy or a little girl! The majority of people felt like you were going to be a girl and I felt like you were going to be a it was going to be fun learning who was right this time! Your Mum-Mum, big brother and I had lunch and headed to my doctor. It was packed, but I got in pretty quickly. I had gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks (oh dear!) but my doc was happy about that as that makes my grand total at 6 lbs thus far. So you aren't making me TOO chubby...yet...besides, I totally forgive you anyways!

The ultrasound was fun with your brother Seth. He kept asking all kinds of questions...So then came the big moment...they turned on the machine and BAM there were your private parts front and center! I just laughed and sighed, but didn't say anything. I KNEW they were there and you were my little prince. The nurse didn't go back to find your gender again until after measuring your head, tummy, ect...but when she did, there they were again. She held the u/s thingy over them and asked "so you want to know the gender?" Um...if your mommy didn't it would be too late as ANYONE could tell just by looking at the screen! LOL! Anyways, she showed them, snapped a pic and then told Seth "Well, it looks like you are going to have a little brother!" And what did your brother do?? He just crossed his arms, smiled really big in a smirklike grin and nodded...he said "yep." He totally had this "duh! I told you so!" expression on his face. Needless to say, he's VERY proud to be right about you!

We called your daddy, your Papa, your Grammy and texted a bunch of people...everyone was so happy! Then your Mum-Mum and I went to the mall!

So there you go...I admit that a part of me really wanted a girl, but since I've been feeling like you were a boy from the beginning on this pregnancy, I'm pleased as punch that my intuition has been correct! See, your mommy KNEW you were her little prince!

They told mommy that you were about 11 oz and that all your measurements looked perfect! Your heartbeat was a nice, loud and strong 154 bpm...and you little let us see you were a boy, but you never looked at me! I wanted to see your sweet little face, but you were just chilling out lying around on your back and side...oh well...maybe next time!

I love you always and forever, baby boy!


The Gustafson Family said...

congrats! Little boys are the best! I'm sure Seth will love having a baby brother around!

Sanwanya said...

That is great ..Seth will be a awesome big brother and they will be best buds!!

Carisa said...

awwww, i just saw this !!! congratulations on your little prince. it's going to be a blast having the two boys.