May 30, 2010

30 weeks 5 days

Hello my love!

It's Memorial Day weekend which means it's almost June and officially summer! I do believe this summer is going to be hot one! We've already had a few days over 90 degrees! With our luck, you will be born on the hottest day of the year, whereas your brother was born the day before it snowed several inches! My opposite boys...I just hope that opposite concept doesn't contine in personality! LOL!

We are getting down to the nitty-gritty now love! You and I only have about 9 weeks left--and that's if you decide to wait and arrive on your due date! It is so exciting to think I will be holding you in my arms that soon! I'm ready!

I've been seeeing pics or videos of little newborn babies a lot lately and it just makes me smile to know that my arms will be full very soon. We've been waiting a long time for you. Your brother is ready for you to show up too. He's still worried about my belly button and now is trying to determine how you are going to get out of there!

He's been enjoying feeling you move. He grins so big and likes to find where you are in my tummy. Lately you've been pushing back when he pushes on you. I try to remind him to be gentle for both of our sakes.

Mommy is still under orders to watch what she eats. She's really missing all her fruit, but has been able to restrain herself very well. But when you come out, you bet your sweet feet that mommy will be enjoying all the little things she's been avoiding--mostly all my fave fruits! I've eaten more eggs in the last month than I usually do in a period of SEVERAL months! LOL! But you are worth it. Very worth it.

We received our first box of diapers from a church friend yesterday. It tickled your daddy and pleased mommy a lot! Of course, we know you will be dirtying those suckers up within a week for sure! LOL! Mommy was glad to see that they were NOT the ones under fire right now. It's scary to think that diapers could be causing severe diaper rashes and chemical burns due to new chemicals/technology being used on them. Makes me again hope that your daddy will allow me to switch to cloth after a few months.

It's hot and humid and I'm ready to go stick my feet in our creek!

I love you now, forever and always!

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rc45 said...

I really love the way you write just like you are talking to your little one,which in reality you are. You have such a humorous and personal way of writing.
Reggie Warren