May 16, 2010

28 weeks 5 days

Dear Baby Justin,

It's hard to believe, but we are officially in our THIRD TRIMESTER! From here on out, it's just a matter of me getting ready for your arrival! It is going to go by pretty fast I'm sure and before I know it, I'll be picking your Mum-Mum up at the airport again!

Mommy just got back this past week from visiting your Papa and Mum-Mum out on the west coast with your brother. We had a great time and found all sorts of adorable things for you to wear when you come. We also made mommy a ringsling to use and it's SUPER pretty in a gorgeous blue Sari fabric. I can't wait to try you out in it!

Here is our photo for the month:

I think I've finally caught up bellywise with the amount of weeks I am! I don't get nearly the "oh wow, you are so huge!" comments anymore! LOL! But mommy does swell up in the humidity. Thankfully it's been a mix of sun and rain so I don't have to be swollen EVERY day.

Mommy decided that we are going to make all your baby food. With your brother, we made a little and used organic jars...but this time around, I'm going to just let you have the delicious tasty veggies and fruit as I make them! It will be so much healthier for you!

It's about time to buy our first pack of diapers for you. They always look so small when they are the newborn or size 1...but your little bunsies will grow fast, I'm sure.

Well, my love that's it for this week. Keep growing and staying healthy for me!

All my love forever and always,

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