March 9, 2011

7 months: Week 1

Houston, we have ANOTHER tooth! He might be getting them in later than Seth did (he had his first two within 3 days of turning 4 months!) but he's an EASY teether at this point! No late nights with a screaming baby. No excessive drool. I think he's even easier than Seth was! I KNOW I had to keep Orajel on hand for Seth! But Justin is content with a metal spoon! LOL!

Unfortunately, he *tested* those teeth out on me while nursing today! OUCH!!!!! A quick flick to this cheek and he quit--of course then his feelings were hurt and his mouth turned down and he cried...but biting is a BIG NO-NO!! Oy!

And as for food...he's getting better--but is MUCH more partial to fruits than veggies! Seth ate everything and anything so this is a bit different. Pears and Prunes are his favorite right now...but he does enjoy sweet potatoes! I guess he's just got a sweet tooth like his daddy!

Still no crawling...but he's up on all fours more often and I know it will happen very soon.

Hard to believe he's this big already...time is just flashing by!

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rc45 said...

Before you know it Justin will be running around the farm with Seth.