March 1, 2011

The White Knight

Bravely, the white knight fights his way from inside the depths of the crimson mountain until finally he reaches the top and peaks out to see the world...then *WHAM WHAM WHAM*...a female giant bashes on his head with a metal weapon declaring "Aha! I see you! You have finally arrived!"

LOL! Yes, you guessed it...Justin's first tooth FINALLY arrived! He'll be 7 months old on Saturday! After a fretful night last night, the bottom front right tooth broke thru the gums! My mother-in-law and I heard tested it out with a metal spoon and we heard it, so we KNOW it's there! I'm not looking foward to the moment he decides to test it out while nursing! OY!!!

My monster is growing like a weed. He's 21 lbs now...and I'm having issues with my arm! His weight while nursing pretty much cuts off my circulation to my wrist and my hands are really having issues. So I'm having to find new holds which is weird at this point in nursing, but I can't handle the continual numbness I get while he nurses. It's the worse when it's in the middle of the night as he falls asleep and is just a dead weight.

As for crawling, that's still a no go...but he loves to roll! His most favorite activity is to take baths with his brother. He get so excited and practically runs (while we hold him by the arms) to the bathtub! So cute to see those little naked buns!

Life with the baby is NEVER boring! Babies are just so much fun at this age!

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