April 7, 2013

Catching up...

Hello, Hello!

Wow, I'm so happy to finally be back! Things have been pretty on the go for the last few weeks but it's starting to settle down and thankfully so is this wacky cold weather we've had the past few months! Have you had it too? But wow! This week is supposed to be up in the 70's and even to the 80's by Wednesday before this nasty storm rolls in on Thursday/Friday. I will be so happy to finally be able to get down and dirty in my {GaRdEn}! Woot!

I have all my seeds and my garden grid and I'm ready to go! I know that I should have already started a few things inside already, but with the way thing were here...it was just impossible! But I've got all I need now and we are going to start it as part of our science this week. We are going to do a documentation of tomato seeds versus pepper seeds and record their growth and which one grows the fastest and such. We have been saving our small milk cartons and toilet paper tubes and we also have some of the recycled paper egg cartons.

We've been enjoying the fruits of our harvest from last year in the form of our salsa and pizza sauce lately. Oh so good! But now I want even MORE for next year!

The other thing we are doing is finishing up our 1st grade year for homeschooling. We have about...oh, 25-35 days left. I haven't exactly counted, but that seems about right. So I've been looking ahead at stuff for our 2nd grade year.

Seriously? 2nd grade? How did THAT happen? Sigh.

Anyways, I have been chatting with friends about 2nd grade curriculums to help decide what I am going to do. Yes, I HAVE used My Father's World for K and 1st grade. But this coming year the core is a history/geography/science core with LA and Math added separately. I had questions about this core and how it would work with the history we've been doing thus far...so I've just been seeking and searching insight and wisdom from "those who've gone before". 

AND...waiting until I could attend the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati this past Friday (April 5th). I went armed...I decided I was going to pound the pavement in the Exhibit Hall forgoing seminars in my first year. I had questions and I needed answers.


I have a post scheduled for tomorrow to talk about it...

So to get back to what we are doing...this week we are jumping back in to our regular schedule for school--but I'm going to really be working in the Science I have kind of...okay, I admit...avoided. Just because of the prep-time some of the stuff needed. But I WANT to do it because he LOVES it. And since we can focus more on botany with our gardening, it is perfect. 

I have had a couple weeks off and now I'm ready to jump back in the saddle and finish the year strong. Sometimes you just need to take time off to do that...

So that's what's going on here...

I am going to try to share some pictures this week, but here is one for your viewing pleasure. This is one of my boys on one of the Sabbaths recently.

 and here they are again with Little Britches best friend...
Pretty spiffy huh??

Have a fabulous week! And remember to check back tomorrow for my notes about the convention!


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