April 24, 2013

He who has an ear...let him hear!

So consider this like a short part two for yesterday...
We got up much earlier than normal because we had our 8am appointment this morning. ugh. It is NEVER easy to get young kids up early and dressed and fed and out the door! Especially not when there is a set time you have to be out of the door! LOL!

We went to our appointment and it went lovely! They redid the OAE test--this time with a fancier machine. He tested great in both ears this time. Then they took him to the special sound proof room and did some tests. I was so thankful that Baby Britches liked the technician and responded to him. He easily did all she asked and passed that test with flying colors.

The technician told me that she thinks that the first test was an issue because Baby Britches has a very small unusual shaped ear canal in his left ear. So it is hard to get a good reading. 

We are so thankful we don't have to worry about his ears! He passed no problem--which means we can just focus on his speech!

So now we are looking forward to our first session next week...Thank you so much for any and all prayers on our behalf!


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