December 3, 2013

Chats from the Farmhouse Porch #119

Everyday Ruralty
Hmm, it appears that questions to answer this week are very random! LOL!

1. Please tell me the three most valuable things you learned as a child or young person.
God is always there. A strong marriage is priceless. Good friends are necessities.

2. Did you participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
I did NOT go shopping for Black Friday (shudder!), but did pick up a few things online for Cyber Monday.

3. Do you pray?
Absolutely! Just not enough---whatever enough is. God is my Father and my closest Friend!

4. Have you been invited to any parties to celebrate Christmas or New Year?
No and I don't plan on it happening as I don't celebrate either and most of my friends don't either. LOL!

5. Have you ever owned cowboy boots or a cowboy hat? (A cowboy? Tee-hee :) Just had to throw that one in for fun!)
Yes to the books and hat! I have them both! And I married a farmboy who raises cattle--so that counts as a cowboy, right?! (wink)

Have a fabulous Tuesday! I'm hoping to come back on later this evening with a Fudge Recipe so make sure you are following me so you don't miss out on that! 


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