December 3, 2013

Fresh from the Kitchen: Quickie Fudge

It's the time of the year for sweet treats and I've got a quick and simple recipe for fudge to share with you! It's so simple your littles will be able to do it with you and your bigger kids by themselves!

We don't eat a lot of fudge here...mostly because I'm not really that into chocolate.
Yes, you heard me right. 
I am a woman and I'm not that into chocolate. 
But have no fear, Love-of-My-Life's chocolate tooth MORE than compensates for my lack of one!

Our anniversary was this weekend, so for a special treat I made him a batch of this rich fudge. Baby Britches helped me make it. He loves cooking with me and this recipe is so easy I can walk him through most of the steps.

You will need powdered sugar, cocoa, milk, butter, vanilla and nuts. 
I use my organic ingredients when I cook--things come out with a much more intense flavor...especially using my organic cocoa. Yum! 

Mix the sugar and cocoa together in a microwave safe bowl.
As you can see from the mess on the counter, Baby Britches might have gotten a bit crazy with mixing! LOL!

Now pour the milk into the bowl and set the butter on top.
Don't bother stirring---simply pop it into the microwave for about 2 minutes first.

This melts the butter quite nicely.
Now you can stir it just to mix it in. You might need to add in an additional tablespoon of milk because it's going to be really thick. I had to add 1 T. in this batch at this stage.

Add in the vanilla and nuts. Stir until well blended.
He's got the stirring down and I think he's about drooling over it too! LOL!

That's it! Now you can hand the whisk over to the resident "lickers" who will happily clean it for you...

And then pour the thick--and I do mean THICK--mixture into a foil lined 9 x 9 pan. 
You could grease a pan without using the foil...but foil makes this recipe an easy cleanup.
Spread it around really good because it's going to start setting immediately.

Then just pop it into the freezer for 20 minutes or your fridge for 60 minutes.
When it's done enjoy a nice sweet and RICH treat! 

The foil lifts the fudge right out of the pan...and after peeling the foil away it's ready to slice and enjoy!
A little bite goes a LONG way with this rich recipe so don't eat TOO big of a piece! It also gets soft very quickly. I prefer to keep this fudge in the fridge in a bowl.

This recipe is so simple you could make all kinds of alterations to play with flavors and add-ins!
If you adapt it to your own, come back and tell me what you did! I'd love to hear how you made it "even better"!

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