June 5, 2014

Chats from the Farmhouse Porch #142

Come link YOUR answers up!
If you could magically have a full grown tree in any place you choose, what kind would it be?
Hmm. A money tree. Yep, out of all the trees, I think THAT one is my first choice! ;) My second choice would probably be a fruit tree--like a peach tree. Yum. Fresh peaches. One of my top 5 favorite fruits!

Do you like scented or unscented soaps, lotions, etc?
I like scented soaps...but only if they are GOOD for you. I don't buy most commercially produced soaps and lotions because our family is trying to avoid as much toxins from that kind of stuff as possible. I am actually going to be trying to make my own lip balm and lotion soon. I have the containers and all the stuff...just need the time to do it! We really cut back on our scented or other commercial items because both of my boys have sensitivities to fragrances, dyes and alcohols. So I had to start buying completely "free" soaps and such. So we don't buy them for ourselves either. And we are definitely healthier for it! My favorite scents though...definitely fruits. I'm not a floral fan and hate musks.

What's your favorite way to cook potatoes?
About any which way you make them. I just love potatoes. Fried, baked, mashed, shredded...yum-o!

How often do you wear jeans?
About daily. Love my jeans.

Do you trace your ancestry?
If I can! I LOVE history so I enjoy learning more about people in my lineage! We recently were able to trace my grandma's mother's side back 11 generations to a family in Europe. I loved learning about them and when and how they came to the US back in the 1700's! Just on Memorial Day I learned more about my great-uncle. Discovered he was in the first wave that took Omaha Beach in Normandy! He survived the landing, his division took an important hill on June 9th...but then he was killed in action on June 18th and is buried in Normandy. He was 25. He was my grandfather's favorite sibling as he was 7 years older than my grandfather and he just idolized him. I loved learning more about him.

I find that learning more about your ancestry really grounds you...it shows you the people who lived and HAD to live in order for you to be where you are today. Their choices in life affected your existence. There is such a lesson in that for us today.

Well, that's another week of chats...I love these because they are such fun random questions. I'll have another random day tomorrow--but then I have some more "organized" things for next week including another product review--and hopefully another book review!

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