June 6, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~June 6th

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1. I love normalcy. Don't get my wrong. I love excitement too...but after a week with company staying in your house (which isn't very large), trying to do homeschooling with grandparents to play with, and trying to keep things clean with two extra people...well, let's just say I relished having my house back to normal today. Not only are we back on track with homeschooling, but it's just nice to have the space again. Two extra adults really does add a lot to a house! We were happy they were here (it was my parents visiting from WA) but I wan't crying when they left..sad yes. Crying? No.

2. Tornadoes throw curve balls into your schedule. If you follow me on my blog Facebook page, you will know that I had the "pleasure" of my first ever "take cover" tornado warning this week. It wasn't a super urgent one, just a "get there as soon as you can" kind. We opted for my in-laws cellar and so we called it a "tornado drill" for the boys and got over there. It was over quickly and we never in any serious danger---but it was a very good practice. On my list to buy for our tornado shelter: battery operated or crank radio. I think that's the only thing we really need that we don't already have.

3. I am seriously loving my new essential oils! I am doing a review on some essential oils by doTerra. I am not brand loyal, so I am willing to try any of the top brands oils to discover what I like/don't like and what works/doesn't work. I look forward to sharing this review with you in a couple weeks!

4. Curriculum catalogs. I am in the process of trying to narrow down my options for 3rd grade this fall. There are so many awesome things out there! I have catalogs to drool over...LOL! I always go through them with a Sharpie so I can circle anything that catches my eye. With making the decision to piece our curriculum together this fall, I get to have WAY more fun--or is that way more stress? At this point I'm not sure. LOL!

5. I have a love/hate relationship with weeding my garden. I love the way it looks after you get all the weeds out of it and it's just a patch of carrots, cilantro, strawberries, tomatoes or whatever. But I hate bending over to get all those tiny ones. Why can't I get paid to do it anymore? I used to make good money weeding my mom's garden when I was a kid. I tried that with my own kids. But they would rather not have the $$. What is wrong with these boys?! LOL! Now I know why my parents sometimes just told me "Weed. It's your turn." Bwahahahahaha!

Have a most blessed weekend...it's a double Sabbath for us with weekly Sabbath services tomorrow and then Feast of Pentecost on Sunday! I am looking forward to the extra time with my physical family and my church family! I also need to get myself in gear and pick out the flute piece I'm going to play for special music on Sunday. I do kinda sorta need to run thru it a time or two before I perform! LOL!
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