November 8, 2014

Random 5 for Friday...

The Pebble Pond
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This week, I'm going to keep it short and sweet...

1. I am thankful for our woodstove. 
It keeps us roasty toasty warm. 
There is just something about wood heat that warms you to the bone in a way that central heat cannot.

2. I love crunching leaves when I walk outside. 
There is just something so satisfying about that sound.

3. I love hearing the little noises that my boys make while they play. 
The engines, the beeps, the sputters. I love hearing them. 

4. I love paper plates. 
They were created by people who must have hated doing dishes by hand as much as I do.

5. I love warm fleece jackets, jeans and boots. 
This is why I love autumn weather.

Have a most excellent weekend!
I have a review that I will be sharing tomorrow afternoon, then two more later in the week! 

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