September 15, 2015

Super Teacher Worksheets: One Stop Destination for Educational Printables (Product Review)

I have always loved having an online worksheet resource where I could find supplemental activities to go with our core projects. I typically have to use something like Pinterest to find what I want, and that requires a lot of scrolling and searching. I was very interested to do a review to learn about the Individual Membership available for Super Teacher Worksheets where I could find worksheets covering the full run of subjects and grades without having to jump around!
Super Teacher Worksheets: Product Review

Product Information

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
Super Teacher Worksheets is a website devoted to helping teachers by offering quality classroom printable resources all in one place. For one low price, a teacher can unlock thousands of printable activities and educational worksheets, covering a full range of subjects and grades (Pre-K to 5th). 

The website is filled with worksheets and activities for the following areas:

Reading & Writing
Phonics & Early Literacy
Spellings Lists and Worksheets (Gr. 1-5)
Social Studies
Puzzles & Brain Teasers
Teacher Helpers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Make Your Own Worksheets

The worksheets are also clearly marked with their common core alignment, making it easy to add them to any of your lesson planning activities. There is also the ability to translate some of the worksheets into Spanish, which while not available for all, is clearly marked on the toolbars for the printables.

Super Teacher Worksheets offers an Individual Membership for just $19.95/year with unlimited downloads of all their printables and activities. If you are a school, there is also a Building Membership, granting access to all teachers within the school for $300/year.

I was given the Individual Membership to Super Teacher Worksheets to use in our homeschool.

How Did We Use the Product?

The Super Teacher Worksheets information arrived by email and I easily logged in and was ready to go. This is definitely a quick access website. From the time you log-in you have access to anything they offer. I appreciated that the website has a menu separated by subject, with an EASY to spot search option. Clicking on any item in the subjects opens a new menu showing you all the available printables or activities. 
The menu that comes up when you click "Greater Than, Less Than" in the math menu
Each printable has the recommended grade noted, as well as the little blue toolbar to allow you to explore the printable before downloading it. This includes whether or not it's common core aligned, a language translator, and the option to file it.
You can view the pdf, check the Common Core alignment, change the language to Spanish phrases, preview the printable or save it to your files

I typically clicked the magnifying glass to see what it it was, and if I liked it, I clicked the title to view the pdf and printed it. Every worksheet comes with an answer key, so you don't have to guess on the answers. 

If I wanted to file it, I clicked the little file button. At the top of the website, there is a big blue "My File Cabinet" icon. When I click it, I can see a list of all the items that I filed for reference later. This saves trying to remember where you saw a printable or activity you were interested in. I can easily delete them from this menu, should I decide I don't want it saved any longer.
The files currently in my file cabinet that I have saved for reference later
Over the course of the review period, we did several printables and activities from this website. I picked between the grade levels to find items for each boy AND I tried to check out the different subjects. 

I also made use of the multiplication worksheet generator! 
With this generator, I can print off a page of problems custom made for what we are studying. Right now we are reviewing the 3's, so I isolated the worksheet to be just for X3 problems! So helpful!

I have used science worksheets, geography worksheets, reading comprehension worksheets, spelling list worksheets, and various math worksheets for Little Britches--choosing ones that were geared for 3rd-5th grade. 

For Baby Britches, he is really enjoying the mini-books which give short little stories to match a letter of the alphabet. We are working through each letter book, and I let him decide which ones we will do. 

Here are some photos from the items that we used...
Doing a graphing plot to create a picture

Doing Money Memory Match

Working on his J mini book

Practicing counting coins

Counting Coins Story Problems

Latitude and Longitude Practice
These are only a fraction of what we explored. We also did some Greater Than, Less than work, a science worksheet on the human body, more mini-books, a unit of a spelling list, reading comprehension worksheets, facts vs opinions, and more!

What Are My Thoughts on This Product?

I think this is a great resource for ANY teacher and for an EXCELLENT price! I had previously used another popular website, but I was limited to how many things I could print and I didn't really LOVE the worksheets it provided enough to buy a membership---NOT SO with this website! It is FULL of an excellent variety of educational worksheets and activities! I love that there are games, puzzles, coloring sheets, and cut n paste included in the activities for ALL the grade levels. 

I have been able to find a worksheet or activity to go with any of the items we were doing in any subject!

If you are a schoolteacher needing to note common core alignments for your lesson planning, this website makes it very easy to do. Do you need some Spanish translations? Several of the worksheets even have this option--simply click the language and it's put into a Spanish version! How helpful is that? Another major pro for this website is that they include the answer keys to EVERYTHING--even the worksheets YOU generate! I greatly appreciate that all the worksheets are in black and white to save costs in printing. 

I love that it will save my files where I can access them later--my one suggestion would be for them to make it possible to have them separated by grade if possible, but I am happy to just have them saved for later at this point!

So, will I continue to use this website?
Absolutely! I have plans to use it VERY heavily over the upcoming year as I have found things that will expand things we are studying. I also DO see myself purchasing a membership for the next year after this one runs out. I think it is absolutely worth the cost. I have loved having these worksheets to help "fill in some gaps" when it comes especially to math. The activities are fun (like the memory games), and there is cut and paste, even for the older grades.

Would I Recommend This Website?

Absolutely! I think it is a "must have" for any teacher in any school. It has just thousands of high quality printables and great activities. The $19.95 yearly membership with unlimited printing is so reasonable for any teacher budget! 

The worksheets are noted when they are common core aligned, but honestly, that doesn't bother me at all because it's really just a way for the public school teachers to know where and how to document their use of these great activities.

If you are a school and want a member, the $300 yearly fee for unlimited printing from all your teachers is an awesome price as well. 

Want to Know More?

We have been using the Individual Membership to Super Teacher Worksheets ($19.95/year) and have really enjoyed all they have to offer. We have only scratched the surface of the activities and printables available, so we hope that you will go visit some of my other crew members to see how they used the site!
Super Teacher Worksheets Review
You can stay in touch with Super Teacher Worksheets on these social media outlets:

I am so happy that this website provided me with a "one-stop destination" for all these fabulous printables and activities! I look forward to exploring it even more over the upcoming year and I know you will see photos of us incorporating them into our curriculum!
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