September 19, 2015

Random Five for Friday...on Saturday 9/19

Here we are with September in full swing! We are staying busy here on the farm...fortunately it HAS eased up since summer ended since our heaviest work is during hay season. Now we can slow down and catch our breath for a bit. We do love autumn around here...
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1. Summer is in NE Kentucky, the summer is lingering. We get these wonderful fall days or mornings, and then it becomes hot and humid again with 90 degrees. I can't wait until the weather officially switches over. I'm so ready for fall.

2. Fall means menu change. We embrace fall by welcoming it with chili, casseroles, and soup. Mmm. My mouth waters thinking about the tasty meals we have ahead of us. I make quite the mouth happy chili and oh how we adore our beef barley soup recipe. It also means bread season.

3. I will start making bread again. I love fresh baked bread, don't you? I have been debating on whether or not to replace our bread maker this fall. Ours went out at the end of bread season last year. I wasn't even using it completely. Just for the dough setting at which point I would take it out and bake it in the oven. So I may not replace it and just "do it the old fashioned way". But if I do replace, I'm looking at either this Oster 2-pound Expressbake or the Cuisinart 2-pound Programmable one. Both have excellent ratings...biggest difference is the price.

4. School is going great! I haven't really had many posts on here about how school is going. I was thinking of maybe starting a weekly wrap up post to share every weekend...So we've kicked off My Father's World Kindergarten as part of our Kindergarten work and have 3 weeks under our belt. Baby Britches is rocking it and loving it. He also already completed the first Singapore Math Kindergarten book (120+ pages)...yikes! LOL. He just loves math which is so weird for me. But I have the next book ready to go and the next level if he gets this one out of the way quickly as well. Little Britches is doing well too. We are reviewing a couple products and they are actually working very well for us. The biggest excitement is our work on Phonetic Zoo, a spelling curriculum from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) which is one of our review products. I can't wait to share that review with you...but it won't be until end of October.

5. We are looking forward to taking a little trip soon to the beach for some much needed family time. My folks and brother are flying down to meet us and we will share a house. It's going to be lovely and we will get some awesome family time. We also plan on touring a few museums which will get me some nice "field trips" into our schedule.

Have a fabulous week! I will have another review for you this week, so make sure you stay tuned and check back in!
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