October 9, 2015

Random 5 for Friday 10/9/2015

October 9th. Seriously? I can't believe we are already almost to the middle of October! But here we are yet again. I have another Random 5 for Friday post that I'm squeaking in while it's still actually Friday!

1. "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." I must say that I agree with Anne Shirley. October here in Kentucky is simply stunning and nothing like it was growing up back in the Pacific Northwest. Evergreen trees are very regal, but nothing can compare to the hillside here when the trees--sycamore, hickory, walnut, chestnut, buckeye, maple, birch, ash--when these trees begin to put on their autumn finery! The sunsets shimmer and glow reflected of the jeweled toned leaves. And the air! Nothing like a crisp foggy morning that burns off to roasty sunshine.

2. I am thankful I homeschool. I know this is a simple statement. But this time of year when the weather is simply perfect and nature is changing so quickly, I'm so grateful to be homeschooling so we can be out enjoying it! We shift at least half of our day outside now. We enjoy the warm sunshine as we complete our watercolors, or dive into our literature. Having so many wildflowers and trees and plants, makes a nature study on seeds ideal for this time of year. What fun to explore the plants to see what we can find and to be outdoors in the sunshine and Indian Summer weather while the other children stare longingly out the windows while stuck indoors.

3. I love monarch butterflies. One of the beautiful things of October are the arrival of the migrating monarch butterflies. One day this week, I was working outside and happened to glance over at my butterfly bush to find there were two monarchs feasting. I welcomed them gladly and wished them well on their long journey ahead.

4. I love new boots. Love-Of-My-Life spoiled me rotten we were away keeping the Feast of Tabernacles down in Jekyll Island, GA. He took me shopping and stocked me up for the fall with new shirts, a new jean jacket, new jewelry, a new dress, and a pair of simply fabulous brown boots. There is just something about boots that screen fall. I look forward to wearing them tomorrow with my new dress and jacket. We are going out on a date tomorrow night...no special reason except that we love each other. And you don't get a better reason than that!

5. Finish strong. I am determined to finish this last quarter of the year strong. I have a new homeschool planner (I am reviewing it, so stay tuned!), plans of attack and goals for school, a new routine, continuing in my successful daily Bible study program, and yes, even health goals which include increasing my water intake and getting outside for physical activity. I want to finish the year strong so I can shift into 2016 with a sense of purpose for a healthy mind and body. New habits take time and I want to have new habits for the 2016 year!

May your weekend be blessed! I have a review for Progeny Press that will be posting on Sunday, and then one for Fish Flix coming on Tuesday. There are reviews going to be posted at least once a week for the next 6 weeks as I finish out my 2015 year with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, so stay tuned! I also have a couple book reviews to write up and yes, even a recipe or two! I really do plan on getting back in the swing of regular and consistent blogging...I just needed things to settle down.

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