October 5, 2016

My 10 Gift Ideas for the Art Lover {2016 Gift Guide Series}

Do you have art lovers in your house? Do you have children who could spend hours drawing? Are you looking for things you could add to your classroom to help promote art? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will appreciate this next post in my 2016 Gift Guide Series! Today I'm going to share Ten Gift Ideas for the Art Lover!
10 Gift Ideas for the Art Lover

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Price: $8-11

Have you heard about KwikStix yet? They are a fabulous creation from The Pencil Grip, Inc. and designed with kids in mind! They are tempera paint in a tube--just like a glue stick. You twist the bottom to make it come up and your art lover can hold it like a crayon and paint! They are non-toxic and dry in 90 seconds--two MAJOR pros in my book! They come in a variety of colors--we started with the classic set, but recently were given the metallics and neons to try and we love them too! I recommend these 100%. I love using them too. They are especially great for when you want to paint, but don't want to go through the hassle of getting the tubes, brushes, and water!

2. LolliZ Gel Pens
Price: $14

Collection of 48 different gel pen colors, including neon and metallic. A pen lover's dream come true! And this special listing gives you TWO sets for $14! One for you, one for a friend! Or in may case--keep it and replace the ones that run out of ink. LOL. I can also affirm that unlike some gel pens, these start writing as soon as you uncap them! I have only had 2 in the whole set that didn't flow smoothly, which is excellent. I love these pens!

3. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Price: Varies

Considered to be THE best in the line of colored pencils, your art lover will enjoying diving into the rainbow myriad of colors included in this set of 72 soft core pencils! These are on my wishlist for our classroom. I am making due with the cheaper knockoffs---but they just don't hold a candle to Prismacolor. I would love ANY of the sets--and if your budget needs less expensive ones, go with the smaller sets! They also have Primacolor watercolor pencils which are simply marvelous as well, for the artist taking it up a notch.

4. Ed Emberley's Drawing Books
Price: Varies

One of our favorite authors for anything drawing is Ed Emberley. His books contain easy to replicate steps for drawing anything from machinery to characters to monsters to the natural world. One of our favorites is his Make A World book. The boys LOVE the machinery they can draw. This is a great book to keep in your home or classroom--especially for those kids who aren't necessarily "natural" artists! (ahem. me!)

5. ARTistic Pursuits series
Price: Varies

Do you have a child that wants to learn more about art? To try out different mediums? To have simple lessons with real paintings from the masters as a guide? If you are seeking an art curriculum for your children from Pre-K through High School, make sure you look at ARTistic Pursuits. I have reviewed three of the ARTistic Pursuits books on my blog and my boys have enjoyed the experience every time.

6. Spirograph
Price: $9.99+

Love love love the Spirograph sets. Boy, girl, child, teen, adult...I don't care your gender or age. These are just fun! I love the designs that can be made, and you could even do them on the front of blank white notecards for a custom card creation. They make excellent gifts for children going on road trips, or for quiet toys to take with you to church or when you go out to eat to keep them occupied--especially the Spirograph Tin set!

7. Creative Expressions: Cards to Color and Share
Price: $3.77

If you are looking for a simple way to let someone know you are thinking about them--and enjoy those popular adult coloring books, you may want to check out these Creative Expressions: Cards to Color and Share. These small cards feature 44 cards with ink drawings you can color. These are the perfect little thing to tuck into someone's bag, purse, Bible, book, lunchbox! If you have a coloring book enthusiast, they would probably think these are very cool and enjoy sharing them with others!

8. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
Price: $5.98

Seriously. Do I need to explain why Mr. Sketch Scented Markers are on my list? LOL. Because they take me back to my childhood and all the fun we had using these in school! I just bought a pack for my boys and the moment I uncapped them, I remembered exactly what they were going to smell like. The Cherry and Grape were ALWAYS my favorite. Share this love with your family or friend. There is just something fun about coloring with these markers!

9. Adult Coloring Books
Price: $2.99+

I would be remiss, if I didn't include the current love of adult coloring books on this list. There are soooooo many versions out there, from the simple florals, to fairy tale worlds, to Bible themed books. There are even ones that coordinate with popular TV shows or movies--Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and many more! You can find these in almost every store--even Costco carries a wide variety of them. I have picked up a few for me to enjoy in the quiet moments when I just need to relax from a hectic day. It is very peaceful to work through a page.

10. US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set in Wooden Case with BONUS 20 additional pieces - Deluxe Art Set
Price: $29.96

If you want to make your art lover's day...you can always just go for the gold with this complete art kit! Containing 4 different mediums, the supplies for applying them, and the paper to put it on...it's going to be a winner for sure! It's an all-in-one art set for the young or old!

I am sure that choosing any of these items will be sure to make your art lover smile! Many of them would be ideal for the home arts n crafts, or homeschool too. I hope that I have sparked some ideas for you to explore! Make sure you check out my guide next week--a collection of some of my favorite Doctor Who themed gifts! (Doo-we-dooo!)
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