November 4, 2016

Stay Between the Lines {Five Minute Friday}

Ahhh. The first Friday of November. It feels so good to know that tomorrow is my Sabbath and a day of rest. I know we will appreciate it, especially with this gorgeous fall weather! With it being Friday, that means it's time for another Five Minute Friday. I'm feeling a bit...poetic.


Stay Between the Lines
by Lisa McKinney

We all know that life's a journey
and sometimes the road seems long
But if we keep our vehicle between the lines
We will keep from steering wrong.

The lines are the Word and laws of God
They help us to know The Way
And keep us from straying off the road
No matter if its night or day.

Like the Israelites back in Exodus
We have something to follow behind
They had the cloud of fire and smoke
We're lead by the Savior of Mankind.

The journey is long, but the end will come
It's going to be sooner than later
Keep your eyes lifted up, stay between the lines
And you'll be blessed by the Creator. 

Want to Join in?
We are pretty excited about the rest of the weekend, because my parents are in the middle of their official moving road trip here. They are a mere 500 miles away now--resting for the Sabbath in Iowa. We expect them to finish their journey on Sunday, and arrive Sunday night. Needless to say, all involved are very excited about this. Their house is in the middle of construction--all framed and sheeted now--and their pole barn is completed. They haven't seen it yet--having had to rely on my photos and videos, so they are dying to arrive. I know they will be happy that part of THEIR journey will be over--and a new adventure can begin.

Have a simply wonderful weekend and may it be full of peace and blessings!

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