January 13, 2017

Meet in the Middle {Five Minute Friday}

Hello and happy Sunday! I hope that your weekend has been going along just wonderfully. Were you in the path of the supposed major winter storm Jupiter ice storm? We were at the edge--but it ended up completely fizziling out and doing nothing but dump rain. I am so happy they were wrong with THAT forecast! Here is my Five Minute Friday post. It took me a bit to be inspired, but I think I have something to share about this week's word...middle


What do you think of when you hear the word middle? I would venture to say most of us simply think of being in the middle of a creek. Or reaching for something in the middle. Or maybe you are the middle child? It's the one that isn't first, nor last. Somewhere in between.

When I think of middle, an older country song pops into my mind...it's from the band Diamond Rio, an old favorite band of my parents when I was younger. Here is how the chorus goes:

I start walking your way, You start walking mine. We meet in the middle 'neath that old Georgia pine.We gain a lot of ground, 'cause we both give a little. And there ain't no road too long, When you meet in the middle.("Meet in the MIddle", Diamond Rio)

You know. With the chaos that is around us these days, it sure would be nice if more people in the world practiced this philosophy. Wouldn't we be able to accomplish so much more in this country if each "side" started walking towards each other? If they both gave a little? Why do we think it is so wrong to meet in the middle on things? That's how you make things work! That's how you make relationships work! So why can't we apply that philosophy across the board? Are we so incredibly stubborn that we would rather watch our country fail, than work out a compromise where EACH is willing to GIVE UP SOMETHING for the better of the whole?

If you have children, isn't that what we teach them when they are young? In essence, it's the idea of sharing. So why can't we continue to practice this when we are "old"?


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