December 29, 2017

Adventures in Crochet ~ Endings and New Beginnings

Adventures in Crochet ~ Endings and Beginnings
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Now that it's 100% totally winter, it just feels right to be sitting on the couch surrounded by my favorite yarn as I work on a crochet project! My husband likes to tease me and say it's my "old lady habit", but I just ignore him. I love that I am able to create something that will keep my family warm. 

For my John Deere loving boy
I recently was able to complete the Easy Ripple afghan I was working on for my oldest son. I am quite happy with it because it's actually bigger than I thought it would be! And he adores it! He likes to grab it and wrap up in it. I admit that it is very comfy--when he's not using it, I am! I will have to work on making one for me at some point!

So that project is done.

Which means I can finish up some hats, as well as work on my crochet top! I am determine to finish it up before too long. It's a bit more complicated with a three row sequence of repeats. But I am making progress! It officially is below my bust! So only like 20 more rows or so! LOL. I am using the pattern Sweet Clara Top (It's free!) and it's coming along nicely. I hope that it hangs the way I want it to. I used the correct yarn, but I might need one a bit more--fancy? But we shall see! I predict I could finish it in about 2 weeks if I worked on it every night. About 2-3 rows each night. But I can't mindlessly work on it because I have to keep track of the stitches to make it work in the round.

And so, because I need a "mindless" crochet project, I opted to start my youngest son's afghan. Now I had originally thought I was going to use the same pattern for each, but that pattern was a bit tedious having to change the colors out over and over. So I found a SIMILAR pattern in on called Serene Waves. It uses a ripple stitch, but it's a smaller throw--perfect for my younger son. It also uses an entire skein for a stitch before changing colors--my kind of color change! He already had picked out the colors, so it was just a matter of grabbing what I needed and getting started. While my other son went with Grass (Green), Canary (yellow), and Cobblestone Heather (light gray)--my youngest son opted for Celestial (dark blue), Caution (yellow like the caution tape), and Asphalt Heather (color of asphalt). I love that these will reflect their distinct personalities. The new afghan is going up pretty quickly, so I doubt it will take me as long to complete. 
The colors chosen for the new afghan throw
Adventures in Crochet: Project Serene Waves
What will be next? Part of me thinks I need to finish this throw and my top before moving on to something else--but I just might start a scarf for a friend too! I have some other yarn begging to be used. Regardless, I can say that crocheting brings me happiness and calming. I love that I can do it while still being engaged in conversations or whatever is going on around me. And (whispering) it's a nice break from books--did you know I read 116 of them last year?!

Well, that's it for now. Soon I will be getting back into reviewing for homeschooling, but I still get a break for at least this month! Time to get caught up and finished with my 18 week progress reports!

Have a simply marvelous week--STAY WARM!

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