March 23, 2018

The Ship Sank

Remember last Friday? When I told you I felt like my body (the ship) was being attacked? That I could feel the invaders? And that I hoped I would be better after a day of rest?

That would be a big N-O-P-E.

Unfortunately, Friday night was pretty dreadful. I was awake--THE ENTIRE NIGHT--so hot and tossing and turning. Couldn't sleep a wink! I took my temperature, but it wasn't high at all. Barely 99. ONE HOUR. I got maybe ONE hour of sleep that night. I woke and just knew. *BAM* I was down.
Sure enough, within an hour of actually getting out of bed, I was up to 99.8 and Lord have mercy. The worst headache I have ever experienced in my LIFE set in. It was a migraine from you know where. Stabbing knives of death into my brain. Focusing on the right side. My ear ached. The pressure in my face increased. But oh that headache. My eyes hurt! Sure that I was getting the flu, I waved the white flag. But my temp never got past 100.4. It was alllllll migraine. My men left me and went to church. My sweetheart was so amazing he closed all the blinds and turned off all the lights. He understood migraine. While they were gone I was able to get a blissful 3 hours of sleep. But when I woke up--there it was. Migraine stabbing pain. Still isolated to the right side and my ear. I knew. It wasn't the flu. It was a hard core respiratory something. Definitely ear infection. But I can deal with those. Cotton Ball with Basil or Purify Essential oil always helps the ache. Letting my microwave bean thingy sit on my sinuses helped a ton. So did taking some homeopathic things. But wow. I was toast. Burnt. I ended up just basically couch potato-ing it all day. And then the next day--well although I snagged 3 good hours of sleep that night, was basically more of the same--with the exception of NO more migraine. Thank you, LORD!

For the next few days I just hammered my system with homeopathic tea and remedies. Boosting my vitamin C and D intake.

Then on Wednesday, I started...THE COUGH.

After coughing most of the night, I woke up Thursday to a definite case of nasty old Bronchitis. Steam treatments worked wonders. And although teaching school without a voice and little boys laughing at me was interesting, I didn't get any worse. I continued to show signs of improvement. I am hoping that by Sunday, things will be MUCH improved!

Mama doesn't have time to be sick!!

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