March 22, 2018

Building Vehicles with Super Beads from Zirrly {Product Review}

Are your kids into those fusible bead sets? The ones which almost make you shudder because of all the tiny little beads which then have to be heat set with your iron? Do you have horror stories of a time when you accidentally dropped your child’s creation sending beads everywhere and causing a complete emotional meltdown in your child? Wish there was an easier way? Maybe you should check out the Zirrly Super Beads we have been reviewing!

About Zirrly Super Beads

Zirrly Super Beads are unique in that they only require water and air drying time to fuse together. Once your child puts all their beads in place, simply spray it with water and let it sit! After about an hour the creation will be set and ready to go! Unlike other popular fuse bead
brands, they also won't crack after they drive, but instead remain flexible. If they do happen to come apart, simply spray it with water again and stick it back together. The beads also maintain a more glossy finish! Did I mention they are also non-toxic?

The Super Beads comes in many different sets including:
●Jungle Animals
●3D Animals
●3D Car and Truck
●Spinning Tops
●Jewelry Set
●Mega Pack

These sets range in price from $9.99-$24.99. These are obviously not for small children since they are very small beads, but are a good activity for ages 5+.

Our family was given the 3D Car and Truck to review.

Our Thoughts on the Product

When this arrived, the boys tore into it. I had initially picked it for my youngest son, but my oldest son wanted a go at it too. Thankfully there were TWO vehicles included—so one opted to make the truck, and the other the car.

Included in our set was:
*2 Design Templates
*Super Beads
*Pegs and wheels
*Super Beads Work Tray
*1 Spray Bottle
*2 Boards
*1 Design Tool

The set up is easy. Open the bags of beads into the plastic “tray” everything came in. Then take the board and put the design template underneath it matching the notches. Once this is in place, your child can start matching up the beads by color. There is a way the beads need to go on—with the tiny ribbed/lined end facing up. We didn’t know that at first, but as we used the beads, we discovered it went on the peg better that way. Oh and make sure your fingers are dry. Being water fused beads means they stick to you and will start fusing to other beads if they get wet before they are ready!
back of the box shows you the contents
Boys used the color coded guides to putting the beads together
My oldest quickly worked his truck
My youngest worked more slowly
Because both of my boys are older they didn't have any issues putting their design together. My youngest asked me to help a little, just to make sure his got completed before his older brothers did. LOL. I did help however, with putting the completed sides of each car all together to make the vehicle. There was a little bit of fiddling that needed to happen to get it to stay where it needed to. Once it was together, we gave it a gentle spray down like the instructions demonstrated and let it sit. Sure enough, after 60 minutes the vehicles were fused and ready to go. They boys had fun driving them across the floor.
All put together and ready for spray
A snazzy race car, don't you think? :)
My youngest lost his "lights" and we were indeed able to just spray them and put them back in place, as the product says can be done.

We have several beads leftover after both cars were completed. This is good for when there are car crashes and parts go missing. LOL. I will keep them and the templates and boards in a baggie for later repairs to be made.

The boys did enjoy making these vehicles with the beads. They were easy to make and did do what the product said it would. I would say that this product is a good gift or busy toy. But like other fuse bead projects--what now? Once it is done, it's done. So definitely a one time thing to make these.

I think they are a good product. I love that only water is required for the fusing of the beads. I like the color coded templates to there isn't any guessing on which part goes where. And I like that the vehicles the boys made actually did work. The only con I guess, is just one time and it's done. This set was priced at $11.95 and it made two vehicles. While I don't think I would have purchased this for myself at that price, I think I may as a gift for someone.

One thing I did notice, is that the list of items that are supposed to be in the package aren't quite the same--the website says there are 3 boards, but the product only came with two. Also it says that it includes a car and truck and the beads. It would be more accurate to state it includes the beads required to make the car and truck. We also received a letter from the company saying to disregard the instructions in the box, and to use some provided in their email (or the letter that came with our product). I hope that they will make the revision so all packages will have the correct instructions.

Want to Know More?

We have been reviewing the Super Beads set 3D Car and Truck from Zirrly. There were several other sets--some much larger--that were reviewed by my fellow team members. I encourage you to read their thoughts on the product too!
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