May 15, 2018

Kids Email~ Ad Free, Spam Free, and Totally Safe for Kids {a Review}

Kids Email~ No Ads, No Spam, Safe! {a review}
A couple years ago, my boys were able to have their own email with Kids Email. They thoroughly enjoyed their year subscription, but we opted to not continue it at the time. My oldest (now age 12) has asked me quite often in the recent months if he could have his own email to send messages to his friends. Because of my personal experiences with so many email providers, I did not want to sign him up with any that I have used myself. Needless to say, when I learned that we had a chance to review the annual subscription for Kids Email Safe Email for Kids again, I knew the boys would be thrilled. I was curious to see if anything had changed.

About Kids Email

Kids Email is a safe and powerful email resource for your children. Offering top of the line filtering and settings for you to use on your child's email accounts, they promise that your child will be able to use their email safely. With options for mail monitoring, time restrictions, block senders, approved contact lists, a mail queue to catch unapproved contact emails, no ads (ever!), this isn't your "normal" email service provider. Your child's safety is first and foremost in their priorities. 

The subscription service to this website is available as a monthly and annual subscription (best price!) with a 30 day free (no Credit Card Required!) trial option. The program can be downloaded to iPhone/iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire devices!

We were blessed with an annual subscription to this email service which was used by both boys--ages 7 and 12.

Our Thoughts On the Product

My boys were so excited to know their subscription was renewed for this review and were happy to know that all their former contacts were still there. They jumped right in sending emails to family and their closest friends. It is so easy to use, even my 7 year old can navigate it. They love that they can add photos or pictures they draw. Even if some of the pictures the boys send to each other are…well. Let’s just say full of boy humor. 

Here is a comparison of what a "write email" looks like on the laptop versus on the Kindle...
What the email composition looks like for laptop
write email on Kindle
You can tell that on the laptop it mimics what any normal email window would like like. All the same settings. Fonts. Smilies. Attachments. But on the Kindle it looks much different. I have found that for the boys, using the Kindle is MUCH easier for them both!

I still appreciate the extensive list of approved settings for their email--which can be individualized, or set for ALL users. 

This includes the following options found in "Safety Settings":
*option to receive and/or send email to contact list only (yes or no)
*option to allow child to edit their on contact list (yes or no)
*send parent a copy of incoming/outgoing email (yes or no)
*allow images, links, or attachments (with option for more specific settings in these)
*option to allow bad words in received email (yes or no)
*add tagline about it being a kids email with safety features to emails
*option to send email sender a notification of their mail going into a mail queue for approval

I made a few adjustments this go around, and set up two new contacts (a friend and an uncle). The boys don't seem to have nearly the trouble with the "draw" feature as they had the last time. AND the "read it" (aka. SPEAK) works very well now. The boys enjoyed listening to their emails from their friends and each other. We were happy to see that this time on the Kindle, they have the option to start new emails (last time they didn't) without just having to reply to everyone. 

I did reactivate the mail que so I can keep track of everything coming in and out--JUST because there have been some...interesting emails sent by the boys to each other or friends. It has been a good lesson in proper email etiquette. LOL. 

All in all, I appreciated how I can customize every setting for the boys and that I knew they would only receive mail from approved contacts. I hate ads, and I love that they don't have to worry about them. I am not concerned that someone is going to get their emails without my approval, because of the failsafe of the mail queue for non-approved contact emails. Sure there is always the chance that a hacker may get it--but that's true for anything. I feel much more comfortable with my boys using this email service that any of the ones I have ever used--no matter how strict of filters you can set up.

I absolutely would recommend this email service to anyone with kids and teens looking for a safe option, that allows parental monitoring and filtering. I also appreciate that your child can shift to a teen login and subsequent more grown up email address (kmail instead of kidsemail) while allowing you the same safety precautions. The price at just $2.99/month for an annual subscription is worth every penny--especially since it is valid for up to SIX email accounts! I will definitely be considering continuing our subscription this time after it has completed next year--particularly for my oldest who will be shifting to a teenager next year. I encourage you to do the TRY IT FREE FOR 30 DAYS option(no CC is required for trial!) to see how it works for you!

If you want a more detailed look at some of the other options that this program has available--I would encourage you to revisit my past review of Kids Email--where I talk about settings like time restrictions, and "grounding".

Want to Know More?

We have been enjoying our annual subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids  from Kids Email! We reviewed the email for a kids login, but several of our crew members reviewed the Teen login as well. I hope you will check out and see what the rest of our crew thought about this product!
Safe Email for Kids {Kids Email Reviews}

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