July 30, 2018

Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 from WriteBonnieRose {Product Review}

WriteBonnieRose~ Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 {Product Review}
There are times when at the early elementary levels, you want a science program that is more of an introduction to a subject over rigorous study. But perhaps you desire something that allows you to fill it with loads of library books, Netflix programs, and other resources. Let me introduce you to WriteBonnieRose and her Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive), where your children can explore life science, physical science, and earth science in a gentler more relaxed method.

About the Learning About Science Collection

The Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 from WriteBonnieRose contains seven books of science study. Included in the collection are:

✓Kinds of Animals and How They Live
✓What’s Going on Inside Plants?
✓Life in the Ocean’s Hidden Zones
✓Forecasting and Understanding the Weather
✓Discovering Rocks, Minerals, & Crystals
✓Exploring the Earth’s Landforms
✓Energy and Its Many Forms

These seven books study some of the different types of animals, photosynthesis, plants, the ocean zones and some of its many animals and plants, weather and meteorologists and the tools used in weather study, the types of rocks and uses of specific rocks and crystals, types of landforms, types of energy, and sources of energy. The books allow for personalization with illustrations that can be colored, and through the tracing (there is a print or cursive version available) of key words in spaces provided. There are review sheets with answer keys included included. The collection is over 130 pages! 

The collection is also available in different levels (each containing different studies) including:

Learning About Science Collection, Level 1
Learning About Science Collection, Level 2
Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Print)
Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive)

These are all geared for the elementary level student grades 1-3rd and are available as e-books, making them easy to store and use over and over again. 

Our Thoughts on the Product

I picked the Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) to use with my youngest son who will be entering third grade this fall. He knows cursive, but I'm always looking for ways to add practice in, so I picked the cursive version of Level 3. I looked through the different topics, and I picked the Forecasting and Understanding the Weather and Energy and Its Many Forms books to study first. I printed off the pages (18pgs and 26 pgs) and put them into a binder for easy reference.

One of the included files with our science books was a collections of links to coordinate with the different topics covered in the book. I saved this file for future reference.

I gave my son a choice, and he predictably chose the weather topic to study first. I had a feeling that we would move pretty fast through this book, as both of my boys are avid amateur weathermen. The book began with just a basic introduction about what makes weather. Then it spoke about the tools that are used to measure weather. Finally, the book discussed many of the major types of weather as well as weather disasters (ex. tornado, hurricane, mudslide, volcano, ice storm, ect). Each of these topics were 1-2 paragraphs long and introduced some new vocabulary like humidity, barometer, air pressure, anemometer, barometer, ect.

Throughout the book, there were small illustrations that could be colored, and each major vocabulary word was made available for my son to try it in cursive.

I was surprised at how, well--easy for lack of a better word, this product was. I didn't really feel like it was TEACHING anything. It was more just simply an introduction (or rather for us a REVIEW) to weather. It really allowed for us to explore further using the book as an introduction. We added in other weather related books, Netflix shows (like Storm Chasers and Full Force Nature), as well as a few Magic School Bus weather related episodes. There was no lesson plan, so we just did few pages at a go, and then spent the time with the extra things. Because of our current summer schedule, this worked pretty well for us. We typically like meatier science, but during the summer I love keeping it light. This worked perfectly.

When the unit was completed, I had him do the review pages, which he passed quickly and accurately. He told me it was too easy because he already knew all the answers to everything---and really I think he's right. This product seems to be a VERY young elementary product. I would almost say that it's more for grades K-1 rather than K-3.

We will be moving on to the next unit I printed off (all relating to energy) as we continue our summer schedule. He isn't as familiar with this topic, so I don't think we will fly through it as fast since it includes a lot more vocabulary that he isn't familiar with. I also will be checking out the included links as I noticed the list has five different topics relating to the energy unit available for me to check out. I think we even have some science experiment supplies that we could use to add in our own labs to match. We will also pick up a few science books to go with the topic of energy, AND I will scope out any other Netflix episodes which may coincide with the topics. Once that is done, I imagine we will probably explore the unit on Rocks and Crystals (I love that we get to learn a bit about a collection 23 specific rocks and crystals!)--or maybe even the ocean zones (where we get to discuss the major zones and several animals and plants in them) in preparation for our beach trip coming up in late September.

How long will we continue to use this program? Really, only until we get back to our normal school year stuff. This science is too light for our family that adores a heavier and meatier science program. This is actually IDEAL for those who want to be able to just explore topics in a gentler slower method, or maybe who want a bare minimum for them to fill with all sorts of other resources. This just isn't our style. And mostly, because it seems very young for us. It probably would be a better fit if my children were younger. I also was expecting more writing--I think it would be nice to let them try writing a word without tracing--or maybe even a sentence.   

Learning about Science Collection Level 1

Want to Know More?

We have been using the Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) by WriteBonnieRose for several weeks. You have seen how we have used it, but I hope you will stop by the other crew members and read their thoughts on the product!
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