July 11, 2018

Math Refresher for Adults {Product Review}

Math Refresher for Adults- Product Review
Scenario #1: Child brings home math homework and needs help. You look at it, and for the life of you can't remember the math rules for fractions!

Scenario #2: You are homeschooling your child, but aren't strong in math and worry about being able to teach it and help them with it.

Scenario #3: You are returning to college, and will have to take a math placement test.

In each of these scenarios, it would be awfully nice if there was a way to give yourself a crash course review on the main math concepts! Well fear not! I have been reviewing Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials and I can say without hesitation that if you can identify with any of these scenarios, you NEED to read my review of this book!

About Math Refresher for Adults

Math Refresher for Adults is a consumable workbook ($28.95) designed to help you master the math you need to know--fast and easily! The lessons are short (just one page each) and there is access to free video tutorials by the author! The book includes a detailed table of contents which make it easy to find a particular topic. There is also a glossary and math resource center. All the answers for the book are included in the back of the book. There are even review quizzes at the end of each unit AND final reviews of the general math and Pre-algebra/Algebra concepts.

Included in the book are lessons in the following math topics:

General Math
●Whole Number Operations
●Charts and Graphs
●Problem Solving

Pre-Algebra & Algebra
●Positive and Negative Fractions and Decimals
●Square Roots
●Order of Operations
●Properties of Numbers
●Ratios & Proportions
●And more!

Our Thoughts on the Product

I was a bit skeptical on this. I mean. Math. LOL. But when it came, I figured out it was basically just a crash course workbook on all the main K-12 math topics. My oldest is moving into junior high math, and I definitely needed a refresher on more complicated fractions, decimals, and percents problems! I loved that the table of contents allows me to jump right to the topics I wanted. I decided to start with all the Fractions lessons. The routine is simple--review problems. A Helpful Hints mini-lesson on the topic. Practice problems. Word Problem. Every lesson is just one page.

Here is an of two of the many pages I completed--my boys enjoyed grading my work and letting me know if I missed something.
the fraction unit review

Here are two pages in the book I haven't done yet. You can see the style stays the same--

The lessons themselves are included in the HELPFUL HINTS highlighted box. They give definitions and examples--usually more than one.
I love that there are reviews (quizzes) at the end of each unit AND at the end of the General Math concepts and then at the end of the Pre-Algebra/Algebra concepts...and then a FINAL review of the whole book.
 And never fear--all the answers are included in the back of the book and clearly labelled by the page number. My boys enjoyed correctly all my work. LOL
If you need a video lesson, you can go to the online link included in the book and click on the VIDEOS tab. Then you can sort through the links to find the topic you want to watch. It is an extra bonus for those who want someone to walk them through the lessons.
One of the decimals video lessons
So...long story short. This was and will be an extremely helpful book for me as a homeschool instructor! While I'm not bad at math, there are so many rules that have been purged from my memory that I really appreciate having a quick resource to make sure I know how to teach the topics. I'm spending a lot of time studying decimals and percents right now to be prepared for our 7th grade math lessons. 

I would recommend this for anyone who struggles with math and needs to help their children. But you know, I would also recommend this as a great prep for any senior getting ready to do the ACT or SAT! Or even the PRAXIS exams! This will definitely fine tune their math skills--especially those tricky story problems. Another option would be to use this to actually TEACH math! The lessons are short--but have lots of practice problems! And with the continuous review I think you could use it for a child who needs to move quickly through math. OR Use it to test your child after they have studied each of the topics! 

I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed doing this book! I loved that it was short and sweet. I found myself doing pages and pages at one sitting! I finished multiple units and their reviews. I plan on using some of these as a guide for quizzing my kids on their own math. 

Want to Know More?

I have been reviewing Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials. You have seen how I have used it, but I encourage you visit some of the fellow crew members and see how they used it--or how their children used it. 
Math Refresher for Adults {Math Essentials}

I really think this is an excellent book for any parents with children in school or homeschooling parents. It is a way to quickly gain confidence on some math skills you may not be very sure with. 

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