December 13, 2018

An Amish Family: Four Stories by Kathleen Fuller {Book Review}

An Amish Family by Kathleen Fuller {Book Review}
An Amish Family is one of the newest collections of novellas by Kathleen Fuller. While Amish fiction isn’t my favorite, I’ve grown to enjoy certain authors of the genre. I couldn’t remember having read any by Kathleen Fuller, so I was curious to see if I would enjoy her take on this unique culture.

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About the Book

An Amish Family contains four short novellas which each stand independent: Building Trust, A Heart Full of Love (also in An Amish Cradle), Surprised by Love, and A Gift for Anne Marie (also in An Amish Second Christmas). As I noted, two of these
novellas have appeared in other compilations of Amish novellas. Fortunately, I hadn’t read either of them yet, although I discovered I WAS familiar with the characters in A Heart Full of Love, so I believe I’ve read about them in another novella somewhere. Each of these stories has a main problem relating to family. One book has a couple ready to get married, when the bride's father tells her she can marry anyone except who she has chosen. The second story explores the strained relationship between a new mother (who happens to have been recently blinded) of twins and her own mother. The third story explores a situation when a daughter goes to great lengths to foil the matchmaking of her mother. The fourth story explores the relationship between a daughter and mother--when the mother announces she's getting remarried and wants the family to move to a new state!

My Thoughts on the Book

All in all, this collection of novellas is full of sweet stories. Unlike some of my favorite Amish authors though, I found these to be pretty cookie cutter Amish fiction in their plot and characters, with the exception of A Heart Full of Love which included a handicapped lead character. They were short and quick to read. Not very meaty at all in regards to topic or issues. Of course they ARE novellas, and you don’t have a lot of time to build any stories, but I have read some novellas with much more “meat” than these had.

If you are looking for an easy to read, heartwarming Amish story then I would recommend this book. If you want something with more meat, or less “traditional” Amish fiction, I’d suggest maybe a different author, or at least maybe a full length book rather than some novellas--like her Amish Letters series). Because I have a very high rating system because of the shear number of books I read and what I expect, I give this one 3.5 stars. It was good, but just not a standout.
by Kathleen Fuller
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