December 13, 2018

Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton {Book Review}

Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton {Book Review}
USA TODAY’S bestselling author Lauren K. Denton’s latest release Hurricane Season is a story of a family’s unusual journey to healing—and the relationships that must be restored along the way. This was a new-to-me author and a novel set in contemporary time—not a favorite setting of mine. However, when I received the book to review, the back cover summary caught my interest, and I’m now ready to share my review with you!
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About the Book

Hurricane Season takes place in southern Alabama on the Franklin Dairy Farm. The owners Betsy and Ty Franklin have buried their desire for children of their own. The day-to-day operation of the farm keeps them both busy enough to try to
forget their dreams of a full house. This all crashes down when Betsy’s free-spirited sister, Jenna, drops off her two young daughters “for just two weeks”, which stretches into the summer. Both Betsy and Ty have to learn how to navigate these new additions, while at the same time remember that the girls are really only a temporary gift.

Meanwhile, Jenna is at an art retreat 400 miles away dealing with battles of her own. As she explores her reignited passion for photography, she’s wondering how it will work with her life as a single mom. Jenna, Betsy, and Ty will have everything come to the head as Jenna must make a decision that will change her family’s future forever, at the same time as Hurricane Ingrid aims at the Alabama coast and the beloved Franklin Dairy Farm.

My Thoughts on the Book

While this isn’t my preferred genre to read, the story was very very interesting and captured my interest right from the start. I could empathize with Betsy as she built a wall of self-protection around herself. I could sympathize with Ty as he tried to figure out how best to handle his wife’s growing attachment to her abandoned nieces. And at the same time, you could feel for Jenna as she struggled to figure out her self-worth and role in this life.

I love reading stories that take place in the south and the author definitely makes the setting come alive. In many ways, her word pictures remind me of quite a few of the Nicholas Sparks books. I did enjoy this book, and I will definitely seek to find her debut award winning novel The Hideaway. She is going on my short list of good contemporary authors!

This book earns 4★ rating
This book definitely has the meat I like in a book, and I also loved watching the growth and change of each of the characters. I think Jenna grew the most as she had to face some very hard decisions and decide what her priorities really were. Her story was definitely relevant to a lot of people today.

Hurricane Season
by Lauren K. Denton

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