November 29, 2009

4 Weeks 5 Days

Little poppyseed. That's all you are. And yet, you are already so loved.
Oh the family that is waiting for you.

The daddy who will love you so much--who will coo at you, tickle your feet, smile into your eyes.

The big brother who wants a playmate--with such a heart full of love, ready to share his toys with you--unless you are girl, then you have to get your own!

And your mommy---your mommy who has prayed with tears in her eyes for your existence, beseeching God for your life. your mommy who will go through anything in her pregnancy as long as you are in her arms at the end.

We are eager to make this journey of growth. To see me grow as you do. To see you in black and white on the screen. To learn whether you are a boy or a girl. To make plans for your life.

We just pray that we will be able to officially make your acquaintance some time around August 6th, 2010.

We are waiting to shower you with grow my little poppyseed, grow strong and healthy.

Love you forever,

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