December 16, 2009

7 weeks 1 day

Dear Poppyseed...

well luv, you are no longer my poppyseed! I think you have officially grown into a blueberry! Well, we are quite partial to blueberries on my side of the family.

Today is my 30th birthday and the best present I received was seeing your picture! I was so nervous that I cried all the way to the doctors office, but once I heard "Ah, this is good!" then I felt the anxiety just float away. It was such a blessing to be able to see you and your little heart pulsing. I even got to hear it too. Amazing how such a simple sound can bring such joy to a mother's heart. They say you are growing well which is music to my ears. There are a lot of people praying for you, you know. When you grow up, I will tell you all about it. You are my little gift from God.

Your daddy finally said I could tell everyone about you and it was so much fun to do it!

Your mum-mum was beside herself with joy and praised God immeadiately! She's quite humorous when she's excited. (giggle). She's got all kinds of plans now.

Your papa was delighted too. He's coming out here in March and I know he will enjoy patting my belly trying to send you his love.

Your little brother isn't so sure. He likes looking at your picture...but is still worried about his toys. Don't worry, little blueberry. He'll love you when he finally makes your acquaintance.

Your mamaw was quite tickled and enjoyed looking at your picture.

And most of all, your daddy was happy. He's very thankful of your existance and prays daily for your continued growth and health. He's a fabulous man and the best daddy a little blueberry like you could hope for. You are going to wrap him around your little finger from the moment he lays eyes on you.

And so my darling little blueberry, today was all the I could have wished for in a birthday. One that I will never ever forget. God gave me the greatest birthday gift I could ever receive by blessing me with you.

I love you forever, little blue...


Michelle said... remain on my prayer list..
God will watch over you..and your precious "blueberry"...
the joy of this pregnancy..and what lies ahead will bring you days of joyful anticipation...and dreams for all that your tomorrows will hold...

Meli Mitchell said...

This is the sweetest blog ever. You need to print the entries out and make a little binder for your blueberry to read when she's a Mommy/he's a Daddy himself. This is precious Lis. I am tearing up, I am so happy for you.